Friday, May 14, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 13 months


~13 months~


I love how you are becoming a little girl right before our eyes.  You are no longer a baby, but a curious and entertaining little tot!

I love your stick-up hair, that is much longer now and sticks way up!!IMG_7626

I love your thumb{s}, you don’t care which one and you don’t suck it all the time, just when you need it.IMG_7379

I love that you got to meet your Great Uncle Jeff, and my cousin Lane.  It was sad that you never got to meet your Great Grandma Willie, but seeing them was such a blessing.IMG_2860

I love how cute you looked in your bathing suit when Nanee and I took you swimming at the hotel  IMG_2816

You loved the pool, it was precious!IMG_2830IMG_2851

You have changed so much since turning 1.  You crawl everywhere and love to follow us around.  Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes not ;-).  You have gotten a bit more clingy and love to be held.  For awhile I thought you were going to wean yourself and now you have become a bit of an addict if I must be honest.  I am not sure what to do with you, but for now-we continue to nurse together about 3 times per day.  You are an amazing eater-one of your favorites being fish! I make you super loaded yogurt {all organic, filled with avocado, berries, banana, kale, coconut milk, and sometimes more} and you gobble it up.  You adore your brothers and they make you laugh.  You love when Daddy comes home and are wonderful with both of us, it’s great.

You are such a blessing, such a wonderful part of our family, we love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

super cute! our girls and their thumbs. and yes, i thought about weaning too but baby girl hasn't. =\ oh well.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

what a precious post!

what a precious little girl!

I miss seeing you all - time for a visit!

Let me know if I'm going to see you in the next month or I am going to give away the clothes to someone else - I hate having such nice things go to waste.

Hugs and love,