Saturday, June 20, 2009

100 Cloth Diapers for Ladybug!!!

I crossed the 100 mark today! I have used 101 cloth diapers on Ladybug so far (I know this because I keep a spreadsheet of our savings-I know I am a dork)!!! We are still loving it and have no plans of going back to disposables anytime!!!

In my journey with this I have come across a few wonderful blogs all devoted to cloth diapering!! Here's the great blogs I have found so far, and learned a lot from...

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

All About Cloth Diapers...

Cloth Diapers
(the creators of bumGenius)

Cloth Diaper Blog

There was also one more I found that I really liked and now I can't find it...ahh, I can't believe I didn't save it in my Feedly in the right place, and I can't even remember when I was there, but I will add it if I find it!

I never thought I would even like cloth diapering, let alone write posts about it, and NOT mind washing them at ALL. It didn't even bother me when Ladybug had her biggest poop yet and we had a bit of a mess (NO leaking, but still a mess as she stuck her foot in it and got it on her dress...). Now I am even hoping to get a few different brands to try! We'll see...


Amanda said...

Just found your blog via Twitter (amongthemess) and LOVE IT! :) Congrats on going so far with Cloth Diapering!!!

We cloth diaper as well, and I love our Bum Genius as well...although after using them a year, the velcro sucks! It sticks all the time even if you put it on the tabs!! I'm going to try to convert them to snaps next week!

Please feel free to come on over to our blog. I'm going to be doing a review for Smarti Pants cloth diapers(this week), and Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers(next week). We will also be having a giveaway to go along with them!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

we used prefolds, snappi and a pull on cover want to talk about cheap i got 4 dozen prefolds, 1 dozen covers and 4 snappis as a baby gift my stepmom spent less then 100 bucks and they lasted till her 3rd bday! now that is cheap!

glad you are loving it! they are soo fun! i never liked the others i tried but i'm one of the few that liked prefolds i think!

you ought to try one though you might like them?

chubbycheeks said...

I love the prefolds and cotton/pul covers I use. My sister made them, so I didn't spend much either. I'm glad you are enjoying your new Diapers :)

Jenny said...

I agree about the advice DO NOT dry the outer shell (hang dry only) this will help a bit but after a year of use ours look like they have been through the ringer too..and I intend to replace the velcro (I know your mom Im sure she could fix need be :)..she would love me for saying that..LOL)...

MAMA BEAR said...

I'm glad your having such a positive experience with your new dipes. I was wondering if you looked into or considered BGs snap AIO. I keep reading about the velcro issue on the regular BG. But then with the AIO BG, the dry time seems longer.
I am still really considering cloth diapering. I just want cloth diapering to be as stress free as possible.
Just wondering what your thoughts were.

take care

Carisa said...

I am getting ready to do a review and give away of a BG snap organic AIO on 1+1+1=1!

Briefly-I like the snaps better, for wear and tear but I prefer the velcro for right now-in hopes that it can last!! But I too have heard it doesn't.

The AIO is harder to dry and I don't like that the wetness stays on her skin-with the pockets there is a layer that stays dry when she's just wet.

The AIO is trimmer, and fits nicely-I like that part I also love the no stuffing part-even if it takes longer to dry.

The AIO is a bit trickier to get the fit right so it won't leak.

All in all I like both, but for the price I am sticking with the BG pockets. I am trying a few others too and plan to give my reviews over here of all of those (Knickernappies new one size pocket is the first one, she's worn it once so far).

:) Carisa

MAMA BEAR said...

Thanks Carisa for the BG comment, I'll be waiting for your post on the other dipes.