Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trying Different Dipes

I have ordered a few more cloth diapers just to try and I will be giving my thoughts here on each of them. I am going to have Ladybug wear them each 3-6 times before I write but just so you know what's coming, here's the ones we are currently trying out:

Knickernappies One Size, Side Snapping

BumGenius One Size Organic AIO

We also have 2 more on the way:

Fuzzibunz One Size

Monkey Doodlez AIO (sized, this is the on sized dipe I have ordered)

Stay tuned for pictures and my thoughts on all of these!!!

Remember if you place an order from Squishy Tushy and mention my name, we BOTH get FREE FLUFF!


Laura said...

Perfect timing! I actually wanted to branch out with cloth diapers a little bit once our baby girl is here. My only requirement is that they are one size. Looks like that's exactly what you picked :) I am looking forward to read your review soon. Did you get their inserts as well or are you going to use the bum genius ones? I got four blueberry diapers once and I am using the bum genius inserts with them. However, they're leaking a lot for us, and I think it's because I should use blueberry inserts with them...

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

did you order just a prefold? my LO was too little for the one size diapers she is 3 and just now 21.3 lbs :) (i weighed 25 lbs when i entered kindergarten many moons ago! ) so i guess she got that from me!