Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 38/39 Weeks

~38/39 weeks~


  • your new cheesy grins ;-)


  • seeing you sit and play with your brothers, and seeing how sweet they are to you.  We now spend many nights in your room just playing together like this!  I Love it!


  • your awesome mowhawk…


  • how cute you looked in your little Christmas “outfit” even if we did take your pictures in it after Christmas and I am just now posting them in the middle of January (that’s OK, our decorations are still up too)…


  • the many other adorable photos Kirsten took of you as she learns to follow in Mommy’s footsteps as a photographer ;-) (I am so proud of Kiki and love that she practices on you!)

IMG_5227 copy

  • your chubby rolls.  You are getting more and more roll-y every day and we love it!


  • how much you love your naked feet.  You only grab onto them when they are free from socks and clothes!


  • how funny you are with your teething biscuits.  Some days you barely touch them and other days you are like this…


  • how sweet you are even when you are snotty.  You have had many faces like this for the past week or so as you battle the snotty nose.  You have gotten VERY used to the boogie sucker.  One night you sadly forgot that you are almost 9 months old and can sleep all night long.  You awoke me every 3 hours to nurse, thankfully that is over!


  • how cute you were with Duke (Nana and Pop Pop’s dog).  You loved him so much!


  • how content you are to NOT MOVE!  You are no where close to crawling, even if there is an exciting toy in front of you!


  • how happy you are in the bath…you are so easy to bathe (except for lifting your heavy self in and out of the tub!)


  • how much Kirsten loves you and you love her!  You really bonded in the month that she was home from college!


  • how cute you are in your Jumper


  • how funny you are when you gag like you are dying when you get an “Organic Greens Puff” in your mouth.  You are hilarious and very dramatic. You love to hold them though, and we’ll find them in your fingers for a long time after they are given to you!


  • the way you snort and breathe heavy in and out, in and out while you make cheesy faces ;-) it’s really funny!
  • how you twist and roll your hands around when you are excited.
  • the way you reach for us now.
  • the little hair finally growing in on your bald spot on the back of your head.
  • seeing your room all decked out with your many new girly toys you got for Christmas!
  • how well you sit up now and play alone.  You are fine being by yourself and you love people too, it’s wonderful!
  • seeing you drop a toy and reach over to look for it.
  • the way you transfer a toy back and forth from hand to hand with intention.
  • how much you love the little coins that came with your Piggy Bank.
  • EVERYTHING.  Seriously, I could go on all night, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Lipe Family said...

Really love your pics, Carisa - I started doing this for our little one on our blog, too (only monthly, though - I'm not organized enough to do one every week). We (read my sis-in-law) made the same baby legs for Christmas - super cute!