Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 40/41 Weeks

IMG_9352 copy

~40/41 weeks~


  • seeing you swim for the first time!  You didn’t love it at first and whimpered a little bit, but soon you were floating around happily!


  • how well you behaved while we were away on our staff retreat.  You were my roommate and you adjusted perfectly!  You are so easy!


  • how funny you were “gagging” on your puffs.


  • seeing you snuggle with Daddy.


  • how cute you are when you see yourself in a mirror…


  • your awesome mowhawk-oh how I will miss your crazy hair when it lays all nicely!


  • your new big girl clothes!  You have moved on to mostly 12-18 months and thankfully our great friend Jill shared some of her daughter’s awesome clothes with you!  Thanks Naomi and Jill!


  • your BIG cheesy grins…


  • your many food accomplishments in the past 2 weeks.  You went from gagging to loving finger foods!  You still love your cookies…


  • …you now love to eat bananas out of the lovely food sucker thingy.


  • …you even gobbled up scrambled eggs!


  • seeing you in your first sink bath!  After I gave you the food sucker thingy for the first time, you were such a mess I just stuck you in the sink and you loved it!  Even Pac Man helped bathe you!
  • your chunky thighs!


  • your chubby cheeks, soft hair, silly faces and big blue eyes.  You are one of a kind and we simply adore you! 


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cbhoff said...

I absolutely LOVE the last picture. That one is going to be a classic the rest of her life. I love it!!!

Chic Mama said...

Is it just me or does that last picture look like it is straight out of a magazine?!!? I think it is the latter! She get's cuter every week (if that is possible!!)! Your photography is beautiful too!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Oh my word she is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you all!

Can't wait to hug her again and you too!

Give the boys hugs from all of us!

Love you,