Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 50/51 weeks


~50/51 weeks~


  • your big huge smiles, and your gorgeous eyes.

IMG_3510 copy

  • having you with us to dye eggs this year, even if you weren’t very impressed with it all.


  • the way your brother LOVES you and is always excited to teach you new things and love on you. 

IMG_5881IMG_5893 copy

  • how much you enjoyed the easter grass…

IMG_3450 copy

  • how much you did NOT enjoy this food ;-)


  • how cute you are in your swing…


  • how cute you are in my swing…


  • that you are finally attempting to hold your own cup-even if just for a second.


    • how you sit and wait for someone to serve you mostly, we call it being your “cup-bearer”


    • how cute you are finally up on all 4s, making small crawling moves!


    • your cute spring-y self outside!

    IMG_4467 copy 2IMG_4476 copy

    • a picture of you and me…I always love those!
    IMG_4131 copy
    • Daddy helping you find Easter eggs…

    IMG_4273 copy

    • your thumb, yup, still cute.

    IMG_4319 copy

    Ladybug, I can’t believe you are almost one!   This has been the most amazing year because YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!  Thanks for being YOU!

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    Anonymous said...

    Too cute! And we have a thumb sucker over here too. Isn't it crazy how time flew by so quickly? Some fun times ahead.

    Sarah said...

    she IS too cute!!!

    Lydia is 7 months. http://sarah-proverbs226.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-i-love-about-you-7-months.html