Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 48/49 Weeks

IMG_3174 copy

~48/49 weeks~

We are getting dangerously close to that 52 week mark, I am in shock. Just weeks away from my BABY being 1. AHHH, where has the time gone? Just yesterday you were teeny-tiny and now you are becoming more and more like a little girl each day.


  • your adorable smile, chubby cheeks, 2 little teeth {still the only ones}, and your spikey {only in the middle on top} hair!


  • seeing you in the midst of the school room action…

IMG_2917 copy


  • seeing you finally WAVE!!! We have been trying for so long and you finally do it consistently to say bye-bye- and hi!


  • how much you adore Buddy…


  • …he even sits by you on his own AND lets you love on him. He loved the boys as babies too, but he seems to love you even more!

IMG_5755 copy

  • the way K loves to play with you now. He couldn’t even make it past your room on his way to get his jammies on without a pit-stop to play with his L-bug.

IMG_5779 copy

  • the way you love to play with your toys, you are amazing and will sit by yourself for so long {but you usually have a playmate cuz we can’t stand to be away from your cuteness for very long}.


  • the way you sit with your left leg bent backwards most of the time…

IMG_5831 copy

  • your messed up hair in the morning after you had ponytails in the day before ;-) this shot doesn’t even really show it, but it is so stinkin’ funny!

IMG_5721 copy

  • seeing you explore new things in your Tiny Tot School time. The easter grass was a favorite to watch!


  • your new swing! We gave you your birthday present early cuz we couldn’t stand to wait when it was already warm! You love it!

IMG_3178 copy

  • how chill you are. One night last week you woke up at 9pm {very unusual for you}, and we brought you downstairs and you sat with us for about 30 minutes like this and then went back to bed. The boys would NEVER do that, we soaked up every moment!


  • your new spring clothes, I especially love these little skirts, they are long, ruffly, and have shorts hooked under them {and they were only $4 from Target!}. And no, we don’t worry if bows are the same color, Daddy suggested to do your piggy tails mismatched this day ;-).


  • the way you pet your face and head while you nurse. You used to just leave your hand open on your face, and now you pat yourself and pet your cheeks and hair!
  • how much you love taking a bath, you swim on your belly for most of the time and just move all over the tub and giggle!
  • your chunky sweetness. I love your things, your wrinkles and rolls, your pudgy hands and feet. You are so wonderful to snuggle.
  • how much you love to read, I often find you with one of your books from the toy basket, and you are flipping through the pages.
  • your army crawl. You still just scoot on your belly but you are much faster now that it has been a few weeks!
  • seeing your little head peek over your crib as you push way up on your belly to see us when we come in! Daddy even found you sitting up once last week!

Your typical day…You sleep well and have for a very long time. You go to sleep around 6:30-7pm and wake between 5-8am. If you wake on the earlier end, you’ll lay right back down and either play in your bed or fall back to sleep {I am one blessed Mommy}. You take 2 naps on most days, although some days only one. Either way you are never grumpy and are extremely flexible. You eat 3 meals a day and love to eat finger foods. Your favorites are bread with smeared avocado on it, eggs, peas, pasta, greens puffs, yogurt bites. You love to try things straight from our forks too. You are still breastfed, nursing 3-4 times per day. You drink water from a cup, but not much.


Lisa said...

She is too cute!! I love her clothes!!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

ok seriously carisa - she is too yummy for words!

i have another box of clothes for her!

YUMMY! is all i can say about this precious girl of yours!

miss you all!