Monday, June 14, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 14 Months



~14 Months~

So, Mommy gets the slacker award for completely forgetting to write your 14 month post, and now you are already 15 months. So instead of trying to remember all of the details, I will recap your month with my many favorite photos from 13-14 months, and minimal words ;-)!


Your dreamy eyes…IMG_8238

Your clapping skills…IMG_8241

Your precious tongue…IMG_8247

The chubby arms and belly, accentuated by summer tank tops… IMG_7259

Your precious hair sprout…IMG_8319

Daddy teaching you to stick out your tongue… IMG_8330

Your love of books… IMG_8432

Your awesome gappy teeth… IMG_8305

The way you light up when Daddy comes home from work…IMG_8566IMG_8562

This awesome orange romper of yours, it’s probably my favorite summer outfit!!!!IMG_8987 IMG_8964

Snuggling with you outside on Memorial Day…IMG_2627

How much you enjoy your tiny baby pool…IMG_8814

How much you REALLY ENJOY your Daddy… IMG_8851

How much K loves you and took care of you while at our church block party… IMG_9552IMG_9424

How funny the two of you are together, especially when you get feisty! IMG_9400 Seeing you with P, and his sweet love for you…IMG_9405 IMG_9017

Your bow collection and how you like to play with them…IMG_9242IMG_9183

The thumb {yup, still cute}…IMG_9230

Seeing you with Kirsten when she was here for a visit…IMG_9252

How much you adored your family while at the beach with them…IMG_0227IMG_0278 IMG_0360

You rock Ladybug!!!!!


Rachelle said...

I just love this post. I think you probably adore it now and will love it even more in the future.
It makes the mom and the photographer in me smile b/c you've captured such awesome moments in a beautiful set and taken the time to finish the project.

Demetria said...

WOW...they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Yours are worth a million. They say it all. Your Little Ladybug is precious and it is so awesome that you capture these moments that way. (I will now go pray for a Canon Rebel!!!) :-)
Good job.

Racheal said...

This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I wish I would have seen it when my little girl was younger.You are so smart:)