Friday, July 9, 2010

Awesome Amazon Sale!

Ladybug eats and loves HAPPY BABY Organic Greens Puffs, we usually pay anywhere from $3-4 per container.  Amazon has them on their Friday special TODAY ONLY at a great price, we just ordered them!!!  I just had to share in case any of my readers like these too!!!imageIf you sign up for their Subscribe and Save they come down to $2.26 per container…which is a great deal!!!!  You can always go in and cancel your subscription at any time, so there is no obligation.  We do this and it saves us tons of $$!

They come in a pack of 6, and also have the banana and apple flavor on sale {but we only use the greens flavor}.


Jolene said...

We love these, esp the plain apple flavour, yummy!

Laura said...

We love them as well. I also get the greens flavor. Always nice to pack in some extra veggies :)