Monday, November 15, 2010

Cloth Diapering {rash} Update

I can’t thank you all enough for your continuing comments and concern to check and see if Ladybug’s rash has been taken care of!  Good news-it has!  I am still not 100% certain, but I think her wipes solution and probably leftover residue soap from the recalled Rockin’ Green we had might have been the issue. 

Right now, we are still using Rockin’ Green {the Bare Naked Babies Classic}, and are using disposable wipes.  We are using cloth about 75% of the time and using disposables also.  If we notice any hint of redness we stick her in a sposie and then put her back in cloth when it’s gone.  My husband is preferring the disposables right now so I am not fighting it.  I use almost 100% cloth, when I change her.

One great item we have begun to use is Grandma Els diaper cream-I LOVE this stuff and wish I had found it sooner.  It is awesome and doesn’t smell nasty AND is safe for cloth!!!!!

Ladybug is 19 months and we are praying she might potty train earlier than the boys did as we have seen many baby girls we know begin around or even before age 2!  We’ll see!  But for now, we have the diaper thing under control!

Oh and I still just adore Squishy Tushy-Teresa was a big help in figuring things out!


Sela said...

Glad to hear it's all cleared up for now! My daughter trained at 22 months, so it's definitely possible.

So helpful to read everyone's suggestions on your previous post as we battle diaper rash with my son constantly. He has super sensitive skin, but I'm *NOT* giving up on CD'ing! Gonna try a few of the suggestions made in the comments, including the Grandma El's :)

K-tribe said...

:) Here's hoping to early potty times!!!

Cheryl said...

I just saw this and had to say we'd been experiencing the same kind of issue - seemingly out of nowhere - with our 14mos old at the same time you did.

From what I could figure out (after going crazy with stripping, switching detergents, creams. etc.), when we gave her cow's milk it made her urine crazy acidic hence all the rash issues you described. Even after we stopped with it and went to a toddler formula, it would creep back from time to time when we'd put the cloth back on. So our dr recommended we get her calcium in the foods she eats (and processed dairy like cheese & yogurt) instead of via several servings of milk or formula each day.

I also have gone to biodegradable disposables for overnight since she sleeps a long time and goes #1 quite a bit in her sleep. Immediately a BIG difference. I give her 1 bottle of toddler formula in the AM now and have had no issues for weeks. It sounds so similar maybe this will help you too.