Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Upset…

I have confirmed completely that Ladybug has a continual rash when wearing her cloth. I have been around and around trying to figure it out, and honestly making every excuse in the book to justify that it was NOT the cloth dipes. BUT, the truth has been revealed.

We went out of town for 17 days and for various reasons, I decided to just buy a box of Huggies. Within a week her rash was completely gone…although I still thought it was a fluke.

We arrived home and she was right back in cloth. Within 48 hours her poor hiney is bright red again. I am devastated.

I have stripped, soaked, washed the dipes…everything. I SO don’t want to give up, but I don’t have the time to research so extensively and try a million things.

My husband did mention tonight that it may be her wipes solution and not the actual dipes. I am praying this is it. I am going to keep her in cloth while using disposable wipes for now to see if maybe that is it. If it isn’t, I have no clue. The thought of spending money week after week on disposables makes me sick.

Anyone who has any advice, please let me know.

I SO don’t want to stop using my cloth, but I can't stand seeing her in pain.

~edited to add, this has been going on for several months, to the point that she has been to the doc for it! We air out all the time, change often, and have done the norm to fix it. She even has a prescription to clear up the open sores when they popped up.


Carrie said...

Aw, what a hard decision!!! :( I don't have any tips, don't use cloth myself, but I can imagine that you don't want to switch or see her in pain - I'm sorry! :(

Amanda said...

Well, there are several things that could be causing it. I'm no expert here but I can say I had a similar experience over the summer. I had been using Nystatin which only seemed to work part of the time. Then, we found Monkey Butt powder. Now, when the rash creeps up, I skip the Nystatin and use the Monkey Butt for a day and it always clears up for a good while. I have several different kinds of diapers and I'm not sure if there are certain ones that cause it over others. I had just been thinking it was the summer heat but maybe there was more to it than that.

My other idea would be to put her in disposables until you get the rash cleared up and then start the cloth again eliminating as many variables as possible each time. Maybe only try certain diapers or maybe switch diaper solutions. Just keep altering one thing until you figure it out by a process of elimination.

Here the URL to the Monkey Butt powder we use.

Good luck!

Packer Family said...

I've used cloth on all three of my boys and now my girl. I use regular laundry soap and just water for the wipes and never had any issues. Some babies are just sensitive. Maybe her bum just needs more air?? Have you let her go naked for short periods after changes?? Also I know it's not so good for the dipe but try drying them in the dryer for a bout a week and see if that makes a difference. Good luck! I hope you don't have to switch but there are worse things:)

Kristen said...

My baby girl got a rash from the Bumgenius and I think it was the suedecloth in the lining, since it's a synthetic fiber. She didn't have any problems with the 100% cotton prefolds. Maybe you could put a thin liner between her and the diaper to see if it helps?

nsees said...

I know that you generally use squishy tushy so I would recommend reaching out to her for solutions.

What kind of rash is it because there are different treatments for different kinds of rashes for your diapers? (i.e., detergent buildup, yeast, ammonia, etc.)

Since you already stripped, I would switch detergents (we use Planet). You could try stripping again and using RLR instead of Dawn although I'm not sure what kind of stripping method you already used. After that I would try using the bleach method- 1/4 C. Then a lot of rinses.

I would also change your cloth solution to just water or water with lavendar and/or tea tree oil.

This blog is a great source of information and includes instructions on stripping methods as well as lists a homemade CD detergent which many swear by and is inexpensive.

I hope that you can figure something out. I would be devastated too! If there is anything you have a question on that I listed, please feel free to email me at

Sheena said...

for rash treatment we use egg white + olive oil.
mix them together and apply everytime you change the diaper. It works!

Jill said...

When did you start noticing it? Because for us, it was after we had moved to our new house, and started using Rockin Green permanently. I switched to Tide. My girl's rash is all gone. Something to think about. You can always use your RnG on other laundry. I did the same as you, frantically stripping, and soaking, and extra rinsing, it and none of it helped. Except the tide.

shang09 said...

Unfortunately, I think you may need to change detergents. I used RnG for the better part of the last year and have had the same experience. My daughter actually has scars from the chemical (ammonia) burns she kept getting. I kept trying the new formulas stripping them and giving RnG just one more chance, but I finally had to give it up. I REALLY wanted to love it like everyone else does. I switched back to Tide a couple weeks ago and have had no more problems. I really hope you find the cause and can remedy it.

shang09 said...

Also for wipes, I just put 2T baby wash and 2T baby oil in a quart pitcher and then fill it with water. I keep my wipes in an old Pampers wipes tub and just pour about 1/4 to 1/3 of the solution over them- just enough to wet them all. Super cheap and easy!

Dawn said...

Oh, how frustrating! We've CD'd two babies now, and have gone through times when stink or rash have almost made me give up.

The two things that have worked best for us: Planet detergent and wipes solution made from just water and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil.

For what it's worth: We tried switching to RnG a few months ago after hearing so many good things about the detergent, and INSTANTLY both boys had diaper rash after the switch. AFter a good stripping, we went back to Planet detergent and had no troubles.

Good luck! It would be really hard to give up CDing!

Squishy Tushy said...

Oh mama, that is horrible for her poor bottom!
Here's what I would suggest, try using a different detergent and make sure you strip, wash and wash and then rinse extra hard. It may be a detergent reaction that she just developed.
Option 2: Try using different diapers, eliminate the synthetics if you can and see if there is any improvement. Some kids/adults have a reaction to synthetics and that could solve everything!
Let me know if those don't help and we'll figure it out :)
No stress...there's a solution!

Hailey A said...

I use 100% unbleached cotton indian prefolds & then an assortment covers. My 15 month old twins get yeast infections & diaper rash in disposables!
Here is our routine:
1. Pre-Soak & Pre-Wash with bac-out (a few squirts) once a week, the rest of the week we use oxi-clean.
2. Hot wash cycle with soap nuts
3. Extra rinse cycle w/out soap nuts
4. Hang covers & dry the prefolds

Michelle said...

It sounds like her rash is candida/yeast. Do you know? It can make the skin look raw ~ and owie. I would be sure to try an oral probiotic regardless and treat it systemically (mix the probiotic with some yogurt and limit sugar and refined flours). I've even opened a probiotic capsule and mixed it with cream to apply to her bottom and it works wonderfully. Most of our problems with cloth diaps were a yeast problem.

I'd ditch the wipes solution though in case her skin is sensitive ~ I use water or a mild organic baby soap and water when necessary.

Hope you find something that works! You have such a wonderful supply of cloth diaps!

Carisa said...

THANK YOU for all of the comments!!!! I love the CD community online!

We stopped using the wipes solution and she already looks better.

I think it may have been the wipes solution, but obviously am not entirely sure yet.

I wouldn't think it was the dipes {synthetic}, since she has been wearing the same dipes for well over a year. She wears mostly synthetic all the time. But, who knows?

Also-it is not yeast-the rash confused 4 doctors-they were all in looking at her. They gave her an antibiotic cream and it cleared up the sores. But, when she begins to get red, I know the sores are coming.

I am praying the removal of the solution is the fix I have been looking for for months!

I will certainly update in about a week hopefully with good news!!!

Kristi @ Creative Kristi said...

I have super sensitive skin so when I decided to switch to cloth with my first I started making my own detergent (with Fehls Naptha soap, washing soda & Borax) and always always drying in the dryer unless it's summer then it's outside ALL day to let the sun get rid of the ickies. This has always worked except for when I ran out of my laundry soap and had to use (organic/natural made for sensitive skin) detergent...then he got a rash. I know it's bad for the diapers to heat dry them but it's the easiest to make them rash free (at least for me) and mine have lasted just fine for 3+ years of being washed every 3 days. (now onto kiddo #2 lol) Good luck- hope you find some relief!

Michelle said...

You may also look at dietary factors as a potential cause. Has your daughter been eating or drinking any acidic foods or beverages - containing oranges, strawberries, or tomatoes for example? Certain foods can change the BM's which in turn can cause a raw bottom. Hope you don't have to give up cd'ing!

Chic Mama said...

What a bummer Carisa! We had problems with rhythm's diapers once he was approaching the 2-year-old mark because his urine turned much more acidic and started creating a horrible ammonia build-up in his cloth! We too ended up in the doctor's office with no real solution. I quickly finished potty training him so at least he was out of diapers in the daytime. I felt like I tried everything and eventually ended up putting him in g-diapers at night, which totally bummed me out but I couldn't have him getting, essentially, chemical burns from his urine.

Recently, however, we have been forced to put him back in cloth at night because we haven't been able to afford the g-dipes (which I had been putting in a flip cover- the g-dipe covers are worthless!). the only way I have been able to get rid of the ammonia for good has been to boil my dipes. I know this is a no-no, but it is the only way to actually sterilize them. I only do the covers for a couple of minutes but I do the inserts for about 10 minutes. I then intensely rinse them through a few cycles in the wash. it may then also help to add an extra rinse cycle to your wash routine.

Also, have you thought about just using water to wash her bum? I just wet my wipes down before each diaper change for Lion Cub and it works just fine. He never has any rashes.

Also, just to mention, some kiddos are sensitive to the synthetic fabrics and do better in a cotton, or even organic cotton dipe.

Have you considered putting her in a breatheable diaper, such as a fitted or prefold, without a cover for at home? It helps to get maximum air to the bum and lets you know more quickly when she is wet so you can change her immediately.

Kind of scattered but those are my ideas! I really hope you find a solution soon! Poor girl and mama!

Chic Mama said...

Also, have you thought about just using water to wash her bum? I just wet my wipes down before each diaper change for Lion Cub and it works just fine. He never has any rashes.

Oh, AND, just to mention, some kiddos are sensitive to the synthetic fabrics and do better in a cotton, or even organic cotton dipe.

Have you considered putting her in a breatheable diaper, such as a fitted or prefold, without a cover for at home during the day? It helps to get maximum air to the bum and lets you know more quickly when she is wet so you can change her immediately. This seems to help my boys too.

Kind of scattered but those are my ideas! I really hope you find a solution soon! Poor girl and mama!

K-tribe said...

; ( Same thing happened to us! I was using the monkey solution and she was just so red all the time. So I washed my bottles and just use the easy peasy wipe solution. Sometimes I use Olive oil in there. Its a great oil healer for the skin. I also use A & D ointment.
I also washed my cute (Little Bit) wipes ;) in Method Laundry soap and vinegar to make sure I got the other solution out.. I will wash the just the wipes like that every once in a while as well.
My other 2 cents is if it doesn't clear up.. believe it or not... the rash is a sign of a wheat and or gluten allergy. Let us know how it goes hopefully it is just the wipe solution!!!
Kelly K
PS- Maybe she will potty train super quick too! ; 0 )

Mama Bear said...

A little late for a comment but just wanted to let you know that I stopped cloth for a couple months last winter because of that. I went to disposables and the rash cleared up. BTW it was during the first months of the big poopies. I then started making bum spray and that worked wonders. (All Things Jill natural baby soap (Canadian), calendula, tee tree, distilled water) I've also noticed that if Alba's diet is more on the acidic side she tends to be more red.

I actually don't cloth much anymore, not since June-July. My husband insisted that I stop. My daughters poops are VERY STRONG SMELLING and VERY LOOSE which makes washing difficult. I have a front load washer and I had to run a dipe load for 2 cycles that's almost 2 hours for one load. I also had a hard time getting it all out prior to wash. A sprayer might help but my husband is firm. He said it was extra work for me, he couldn't stand the dirty bag smell and well the money savings didn't compare to the inconvenience.

To get more use I'll most likely cloth Alba for night training.

I'm happy for you that you are still at it.
If I have another baby I'll probably cloth for the first year again. We'll see.

BTW I miss posting for Totschool, maybe in the future with Alba I hope.

Jennifer said...

I know I am commenting on this way after the original post, but I wanted to offer what we have done.

Your story sounds just like my son. We found a solution though 2 months later so I am thankful for that.

We changed oap sfrom charlie's to Rockin Green. His whole bottom would flare up red so we knew it had something to do with soap/diaper.

We also bought a cloth diaper friendly item called Bac Out. I squirt a tablespoon in the wash water every couple weeks. This helps get lingering bacteria out.

I also now use fleece diaper liners and put on Grandma El's brand diaper rash remedy and prevention. I can't say enough about this product. I LOVE it and we are rash free. Basically a thin coat covering the diaper area gives a nice layer of breathable protection. I would really recommend trying the Bac Out as well as Grandma El's.

Recently on a trip my son got a bit of a rash.(He will get a rash from his stool if it is on his skin for more than a minute...very sensitive) Anyway , after we got home he had his 18 mo Dr visit and when there the Dr saw his little spot of rash and gave us an antibiotic cream for it. I thought I would try Grandma's El's first and the next morning it was nearly gone.

I hope this helps.....if you have any other questions feel free to email me.


Janelle said...

I just found your blog in a kind of round about way. I use both cloth and disposable with my son (more disposable lately, because my mother-in-law keeps buying them trying to be helpful and my son is having chronic tummy issues that result in a lot of diaper leakage). My son has very sensitive skin and when he was younger he got a type of rash on his skin that was more like a burn. At that point in time we figured out that it was a intolerance to wheat (he's a breast fed baby), so I took wheat out of my diet until his system could handle it and the burns went away. We also used desitin. It worked better than anything else. In addition, for a long time I could only use homemade wipes with water. My mom made me a bunch of homemade wipes using flannel fabric (a couple hundred). I had a wet bag for clean wipes and one for dirty diapers and wipes. This was much easier on my son's sensitive skin than regular wipes.

Tina said...

Have you tried washing them in Sunlight soap or Lux flakes? Both are very gentle and natural.

You could also try going nappy free while she's awake, although I realise you are going into winter over there.

Hope it works out for you. I would hate to use disposables all the time.

Tina in Australia

Dawn Sodini said...

Have you tried a homemade wipes solution? 2-2.5 cups warm water, 2 tsp baby oil and 2 tsp baby wash. Super simple. Hope it helps!

Beth said...

If this helps...

We've been using BG 3.0's for 15 months now with no rash except for a couple of food-related ones. We use plain, original Tide. I know lots of people use special detergents (like Rockin' Green) but Tide has really been great for us. No stains, no rash, no smell.

I wash:
One cold wash with one rinse
One hot wash with two cold rinses

I'm not sure if that extra rinse is necessary, but I try to be sure to get all of the detergent out.

We use disposable wipes, but we used cloth wipes for a long time with just plain water in a squirt bottle. It worked great.

Diane said...

Oh my gosh! I read that Rockin Green recalled some of their detergent. I have also read that alot of babies get rashes from Rockin Green. Use another detergent for awhile before you give up! I use Charlies soap and it is working great for me. We had a stink problem before I started using it and now we don't.

Diane said...

recall info

Sara said...

Some little ones are more sensitive the natural detergents/products. My second also had rash issues that went away with disposables. We determined that we had to quit using prefolds and fitteds in favor of pockets - and that we needed to switch from natural detergents to Tide Free. I got that advice from the diaperswappers board.

Kayla said...

We had a similar problem with our little one. The rash would go away for a little while, then flare up. She was getting quarter sized whelps on her bottom and it was so painful to change. We changed diapers, stopped using our wipes solution, and things would get better, then worse again. We finally realized when I stopped nursing that it was cow's milk. She would flair up on days that she had more milk, then get better. We have eliminated cow's milk completely and no more rash. I hope you figure it out!

Megan said...

Hey Carisa, did you ever find out what was causing the rash? I cloth diaper and use Rockin Green too and recently got an e-mail that some of the detergent was causing irritation so they were recalling it. You might want to get in touch with the owner Kim to find out more! Hope this helps! :)

Andrea said...

I dont know if this has been mentioned or not. But my daughter was having SEROIOUS rash problems. She would get HUGE bleeding open soars it would start to clear up and then come back. I thought it was yeast at first but then ruled that out. I am pretty sure, like 98% sure, that it is food and juice. Citrus foods really. I stopped giving her oranges and apple and white grape juice (I never gave it to her full strength always 1/2 and 1/2). But once I stopped the juice it started clearing up and is gone its just the soars that are healing. And I cloth too! I used CJ BUTTer and it is AMAZING!!! So you might want to try that.

Kimberly said...

Oh my! I am just now getting around to reading this and I am so glad I did! My daughter has had the same exact problems. When on vacation, we switched to disposables and she cleared up. Back to flare up when we went back to cloth. Sores and all...have had prescriptions and several different diagnoses only to figure out that doesn't help. I had not heard about the recall, so now I wonder if that was it....
Hope Ladybug is doing much better. After Thanksgiving, we are back to cloth and I hope we don't flare back up. Very stressful!