Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to the Doc…

I am sad to say that things have gone downhill for Ladybug this past week.  She has stopped walking almost completely and is back to how she was before the amazing day she began walking  {12/16}. She walked strong and progressed daily for about 6 days.  She even got to the point of walking across whole rooms on her own and even doing successful U-turns ;-).  She was getting more and more steady and although it was delayed-the progress seemed normal. She was so proud, so cute, and doing so well…

IMG_3682  IMG_3578IMG_3764  IMG_3937

We have been in a bit of denial, hoping it was just a fluke, but now after over a week we knew we needed to make the call. She started slowing down and this photo on 12/21…image[5] is the last we remember her walking and even then it was only a few coerced steps. I “denied” it even to the point of my husband forcing me to finally call today, as I didn’t want to deal with the possibility that things are back at square one. But, I made the call to our great pedi. and things are all back on go, and they are going fast once again.

She will go in tomorrow morning at 8:00am for her abdominal ultrasound and then her blood work after that {Daddy is going to take her and I will stay home with the boys}.  I will be calling to set up her physical therapy at the hospital and we will get the urine lab ASAP.

It still could be “nothing” and we haven’t given up hope that maybe the turnaround is a bit of a fluke—but the reality is things aren’t progressing normally.  We will keep the blog posted as always with any news or results.  Thanks for your prayers for our girl.  Hopefully she’s just stubborn and prefers to knee-walk, we’re still hoping!

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