Thursday, December 16, 2010

GOOD, GOOD News!!!

Look what she did today…




Yup, she walked, a LOT!!!!  She did it much more than usual this morning, but since usual is about 3-7 steps per week if we are lucky, I didn’t get too excited.  When my husband got home, we both worked with her and she just took off and loved it!  She was smiling, happy, and NOT refusing like she normally does!!!

We are praying this is a BIG day for her and that this might be a turning point, but are obviously aware that there still could be issues.  We are going to wait to call PT until tomorrow to see how she does, but will continue forward with everything else. We are so excited, I have tears in my eyes as I type this!!!!

She is so proud of herself!!! It is awesome to watch!  We are a tad bit proud of her too!!!!IMG_3506[8]

Thanks for your prayers for our girl, we are so grateful!!!

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