Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How Could I Live Without It ~ Rechargable Batteries

OK, so I know this isn't the normal cute baby thing, but it makes all of the cute baby things work and saves us money!!!! I don't know how we would survive without our battery charger and multiple sets of rechargeable batteries!

This is the company I ordered ours from when Krash was a newborn...

I ordered this charger and a similar set to this:

We have used this same charger and these same batteries for over 3 years now!!!! They power all of our amazing baby gadgets (swing, bouncy seats, mobile, fish tank on the crib, etc.) and spent the years in between those items powering remote control cars, cd players and more big boy stuff!

We use them for so many things, I am about to place an additional order for this set of 8 more size D:

When I went to prepare my order today I was reminded how much I love having these and knew I needed to share this as one of my favorite baby products here!!! If you don't own your own set like this, I highly recommend making the investment, you won't regret it and it will save you SO much time, sanity, and MONEY!!!!

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