Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 12 weeks

I Love...
  • your BIG wide mouthed grins ;-).
  • your chubby cheeks and the fat rolls on your thighs.
  • the way your face lights up when I go to get you in the morning when you wake up.
  • the way your hair sticks up on the top of your head.
  • your amazing sleep schedule, which allows me at least 7 hours each night, and even up to 9 1/2 sometimes! Then 2-3 more after that--you are the bomb girl!!!
  • how cute you looked in your bathing suit for the first time, even if you didn't swim
  • your endless supply of adorable outfits, I still am putting you in things you have never worn before!
  • how incredibly easy going you are-totally different than your big brothers were. You are such a blessing, thank you for being so simple!!!
  • the way you have bonded with your biggest brother, seeing him interact with you is one of the highlights of each day...
you are looking at him in this shot...
Ladybug, you are AMAZING, we are SO in love with you!!!!


Christy said...

So sweet. She is beautiful. My daughter, who also happens to be my 3rd child, is also my easiest child and has been from day one. It is so nice, isn't it?

Michelle said...

I loved reading what you love about her. She is so precious! I'm glad the cloth diapering is going well for you! I am happy to be almost done with them ~ they served their purpose well. :-)

Kellie said...

Hey Carisa!! Girls are AWESOME!! I fall more in love with my baby girl every day!

Lil ladybug is totally adorable!!! Her smile is infectious!!

My baby girl is so incredibly easy as well!! Which is great since I have her two older brothers to keep up with!

I absolutely love this blog! I look forward to each entry. I wish I could be brave enough to try the cloth diapers. I am so glad they are working out well for you :-)