Monday, August 31, 2009

bumGenius AIO Organic Diaper Review

I bought Ladybug the bumGenius AIO Organic diaper to try out, and I am finally ready to share my thoughts about this diaper!

Look how cute it is!!!!! Yes, that IS important!!!

Here's what I like about this diaper:
  • The snaps, I have a few dipes with snaps now and these are by far my favorite snaps. They are the easiest to work with.
  • It is all in one (AIO), which means no insert to remove and insert! Makes it much easier and faster!
  • It dries in the sun fairly quickly. A bit longer than the pockets and inserts, but much faster than my other all in one (Monkey Doodlez).
  • MUCH more trim than other dipes I own.
What isn't all that great (although it's not that bad either)...
  • This diaper leaked the first several times she wore it!!! I then learned that I was supposed to prep it by washing it 3-6 times before it would "work". Once I did this it was fine and hasn't leaked since.
  • The interior is more rough feeling. Yes, it is organic, but it is not soft at all, compared with all of my other dipes.
Will I be buying more?

No. Mainly because it is more expensive and for me the soft fabric on her precious bum is important. I do love the snaps and the way it looks, the ease of it being AIO...but for the cost, I will stick with the regular bumGenius.

Remember if you decide to order from Squishy Tushy, we both get credit! Be sure to mention my name! I continue to love ordering from Teresa!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recent CD posts. I've been wondering how you were doing with it and also anxious to hear your reviews of the various diapers. I'm starting to build a stash to try with my NB who should be here in about 9 days so hearing from another new CDer is invaluable. Please share how you feel it is going in general and if you've hit any road blocks with leaks or laundering. Thanks again!
Nikki (nikkiseesholtz @