Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 17 weeks

I Love...
  • SOOOOO much about you. I am really having one of my majorly in love with you weeks!
  • your enormous smiles and giggles that you give out so often now.
  • the way you squirm and giggle when you are tickled in just the right spot.
  • your new thumb sucking habit. I know I may not always love this, but for now it is absolutely adorable...
  • your stylin clothes, I am not much of a girly-girl myself, but I do enjoy dressing you up way more than I thought I would!
  • your little drooly, bubbly lips. Even though you have to wear a bib sometimes now to not get your shirt soaked.
  • your ability to rebound quickly. Right before this pic of you and K was taken, he had fallen on you - pretty hard- and you screamed louder than ever. I was really worried he had hurt you badly. But nope, after some initial screams for a minute, you were back to your happy self and ready for "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to" snuggles from your bro!
  • how cute you look in your saucer ;). You are beginning to enjoy it and reach for the toys a bit. Mostly you like looking around at your new view!
  • just being with you. I love every moment with you. You never stress me at all, I always want to see you, hold you, snuggle you--anything. I am so incredibly in love with you.
  • how you have grown. Looking back at all of these weekly shots just brings me so much joy. You've only been in my life for 17 weeks and you have changed me forever. I look forward to our life together sweet Ladybug.


Chawksgirl4ever said...

awww i love all her "baby legs"

Michelle said...

I love her bright beautiful eyes and how happy she makes you! Those stylin' clothes are adorable too!