Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 19 weeks

19 Weeks

I love...
  • tickling you under your arms and getting your neck to hear your sweet giggles.
  • the fuzzy stick-up hair on your head.
  • your chubby thighs and legs. I love your many rolls!
  • seeing you love on your baby dolls. You stare at their faces and have begun to snuggle them a bit, SOOOO cute!
  • how absolutely adorable you are in your Bumbo looking all around at the chaos in our house!
  • that you FINALLY gave me a big ol grin for your weekly photo...
  • seeing you with the many people who love you, especially your Daddy and brothers.
  • how amazing you were while we were at our annual staff retreat. We stayed in a cabin at a camp and you were way out of your usual routine and you handled it perfectly. You are so amazing!
I love you Ladybug!!!!

~I have begun to see more "What I Love About You" posts floating around on some of your blogs and I LOVE them!!! I started doing this weekly so I would be able to copy it into her baby book and always remember sweet little things about her. It makes me remember to record those moments I sometimes would otherwise forget. If you are writing What I Love About You posts for your child (any age), and would like to link up, I would love to see what you love! Seeing a Mommy share her love for her child is so special.

I will add a MckLinky each time I post (which is usually on Tuesday's but sometimes I am late, like today). You are also free to use the header button if you'd like! Just be sure to link to your exact post, and not the homepage of your blog. If you'd like to link back to Lil Ladybug, that'd be awesome too! For the title of your link for MckLinky, if you could put the name and the age of your child like this... (Ladybug ~ 19 weeks) that would be cool.


Julie said...

Cool idea, thanks for putting up the McLinky. You say you want to put a copy of these posts in her baby book...how do you print up a copy of your posts? I'd love to do this. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I've been noticing them too! It is a very special thing you started! I really like how you can pick out such new and special things each week! She is so cute in that bumbo (I loved those!) *Ü*

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Carisa - you will cherish these posts for years to come! I look back at what I wrote about Lexi 15 yrs ago and still smile and cry today!

Your little ladybug is GORGEOUS!!!!

Those eyes just sparkle with joy!

Love and hugs,