Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 33 weeks

~33 weeks~

I Love…

  • how cute you are now that you really play with your toys. You still can’t sit up…but you happily reach from your Bumbo to get what you want. We are working hard on the sitting thing, but you just can’t seem to master it…you will though!


  • your sweet chubby cheeks (both sets-but I won’t show the other set on the blog!!)


  • how precious you were all day on Thanksgiving when we had an open house for our friends. You were simply adorable in your new dress!


  • your little sweet potato face…

IMG_6415 copy

  • the way you hold your hand when you suck your thumb…


  • how cute it is when you kick your brother and he thinks it is hilarious! He also loves when you grab his hair (although I am sure that will change soon as you begin to pull harder!)


  • seeing you play with your little friend S, she is only 6 weeks older than you and is almost walking! We couldn’t believe how different two girls could be!


  • how much you love our many friends, especially JE-who just happens to live next door!


  • any and every photo of us together! I am only in 1 photo from Thanksgiving and it is with you!


  • seeing you play with the pilgrim and all of the other Little People…you really explore every little thing now!


  • the silly faces you made when you ate different foods this week. You gagged with peas ~ you almost threw up! You made the most sour face when given apples and apricots! You love your prune juice/cereal mix (you are VERY constipated like your brother was…so we get prunes into you however we can). You also love many other foods but are really funny with the ones you don’t like!

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Chic Mama said...

She just gets cuter all the time!! Her little features are becoming so pronounced! Just beautiful! Those eyes are going to break some hearts!