Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 35 weeks

~35 weeks~ IMG_7308bw


  • seeing you in the midst of the chaos that is our home. I love our family and love that you are a part of it! You can sit up on your own now, we just stay close since you do fall every now and then.


  • your cheesy grins and giggles.  I love how you stick your little chin out when you get really happy.


  • your spikes.  The hair on the top of your head continues to grow and grow and I love it more and more every day, the higher it gets!


  • how precious you are.  Your personality is so sweet and loving.  You just make everyone around you so very happy.


  • having pictures with you!!!  Kiki took this one of us the other day when we were taking Christmas card photos and I just love it!  I pray to be blessed with many years of Mommy-Daughter photos!  Oh, and I just love your Christmas dress too!

IMG_7254 copy

  • seeing you grow and develop every day.  You are 8 months old now and are starting to make different sounds, we think you are close to saying Da Da!  You love your feet, which daddy calls “feetie-wheaties” to you and just cracks you up.  You have trouble pooping, which just breaks our hearts, but we are thankful for your good attitude through it all.  We know you are in pain and you handle it like a trooper-just like when you were in the NICU as a newborn and rarely cried. You are such a joy Ladybug, thanks for being YOU!

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Amy said...

Love the last picture of you and ladybug. She is just so precious!

shang09 said...

My baby girl is about 6 weeks behind yours and she has been having trouble pooping, too. We started putting corn syrup in her cereal and that helped make it softer. Then we gave her prunes and man, oh, man- let's just say they work for her- every time. Just a suggestion. I love reading these posts and seeing what I have to look forward to in just a few weeks. :)

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

She is just getting cuter by the minute!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

That is a GORGEOUS shot of you two together!

Hugs and much love,