Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 42 weeks

~42 weeks~


  • your first ponytail!!!  The bows were one thing and oh how I loved the first day I got a bow clippy in your hair, but a ponytail…so exciting too!  I know I need to mess with your hair now so you won’t grow up fussing over it, so I am getting ya young!IMG_0254
  • how much you love “real food”  I made muffins for you and you gobbled them up!IMG_0251
  • having you participate in our family Bible time.  Even if you do just yell and carry on {a tad bit distracting if I must be honest}, we love having you with us!IMG_0199
  • having you it with us in the school room and have some Tiny Tot School time!  Pac Man loves to “teach “ you things and play with you!   IMG_9917
  • watching Daddy make you giggle!  You just light up when you see Daddy and it makes me LIGHT UP!
  • what a big girl you are!  You recently had your 9 month appointment and you weighed in almost exactly what Krash was…a nice even 50th percentile score ;-).  You weighed 19 lbs 8 oz.  Unlike Pac Man who was 24 lbs!
  • so much more!  Your chunky things, the way you hold your hand on your face when you nurse(still), the fact that you are still happily nursing (your brothers had begun to wean themselves by now), your sweet spiky hair, your big ol’ belly, hearing you say Da Da, how much you love your won voice and have begun to YELL a LOT!

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Mama to 3 Blessings said...

Carissa -
You baby is so cute! Our baby girls our about the same age. My Little Princess was born in April too! She is currently 9 months. Time flies, I feel like she was just born! :) <><

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

Funny I opened your blog and I am holding my 19 week old and she just starts laughing and smiling at your daughter.