Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 46/47 Weeks

IMG_2188 copy

~46/47 weeks~


  • seeing you scoot!  You started scooting just minutes before this photo was taken, and have perfected your army crawl over the past week!


  • when you stop and gaze into my eyes.


  • seeing you play with Daddy.


  • how much fun it is for you when Pac Man feeds you


  • the sweet relationship you are developing with K.  He is so wild, yet so gentle and loving with you.  My 2 littles…makes my heart melt to see you two playing together.


  • seeing K take care of you…


  • seeing you in a SUN HAT.  After all of this snow, it was such a joy to have you out in the sun these past few days!!!! 


  • seeing you really figure out how to move.  You are really trying now! 


  • feeding you.  Seriously, you are almost always a joy to feed.  This was your first day with an entire meal on a plate.  You gobbled up tiny chunks of cucumber, avocado, tomato, and whole wheat pasta spirals!


  • seeing you explore new things in Tiny Tot School with us.  You loved the bells and the ping pong balls!


  • how much you LOVE K’s little men.


  • your piggy tails {still}


  • how independent you are.  You will play by yourself for SO long, but always light up when someone plays with you!


  • your thumb.


  • seeing you imitate us, you are SO funny!


  • seeing you play with P…


  • how MUCH you LOVE books.  You are such a little page turner-it is so sweet.


  • your gorgeous eyelashes


  • your amazing giggle.
  • hearing you say MAMA, and DADA!
  • the little fish noise you make.
  • seeing you swim on your belly in the bath.
  • your incredibly adorable chunky thighs.
  • how you shake your head no-no.

Ladybug, you are amazing to us.  You are such a sweet and gentle spirit, bringing smiles into any room you are in.  I don’t know how I get anything done all day, you are very distracting with all of your cuteness.  We adore you sweet girl.    IMG_1741          

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Michelle said...

I don't always comment on these, but I always LOVE reading them! They are always so sweet and heartfelt and your photos (and LadyBug) are gorgeous! *Ü*

Amanda said...

I love the picture of her in the sun hat. She is beautiful!

Bernadete said...

She is adorable! It has been fun watching her grown and learn :)

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

She is just beautiful, Carisa!

Coby said...

She really has a sweetness to her, doesn't she? She's beautiful, edible, squeezable! ;-)