Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 44/45 Weeks


~44/45 weeks~


  • the way you curl your tongue, all-the-time!

IMG_0688 copylefb

  • your crooked mouth look…

IMG_0814 copy

  • how funny you were with your no-smile face while I tried to take your 10 month portraits.


  • …you just wanted to chew on the bear…


  • …and when I took the bear away, this is what I got.


  • that your brothers wanted to have their picture taken with their sissy.


  • how cute you are playing in your saucer…


  • how you giggle when we help you “walk”…


  • how much you LOVE to read, both by yourself and with others…


  • that you finally seem to realize that you can move. You don’t move yet, but you are at least aware now! {we secretly love that you are a late crawler, life is much easier!"}


  • how much Pac loves to play with you…


  • your first piggy tails!!!!!!!!!


  • Daddy dancing you to “Pharoah, Pharoah” during our weekly family Bible time…


  • that you finally drank a significant amount of water from your sippy cup…months after introducing it to you! You finally get it!
  • the way you have begun to copy our actions. You still won’t clap yet, but you are just starting to wave and you will bang, bang if we do it first!
  • how much you are loving real food. If it is from Mom or Dad’s fork, you want it.

Love you sweet girl!!! IMG_1335 copyfb

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Anonymous said...

Too too precious!

Lindsey said...

Let me just say that your sweet girl wears the cutest little outfits! Makes me wanna find the same stuff for MY sweet girl!

Donovan and Meghan said...

Hey there,
I stumbled on your blog from a friend of a friends blog :) Love it. It is crazy how much we have in common! Your little girl is precious. I have a little girl as well as a 2 year old little boy. I also call my little girl my little ladybug. (Halybug) Would you mind if I followed your blog? You are welcome to check mine out! dmmgolden.blogspot.com

Lindsey Chambliss said...

HI Carisa, I'm from MUMC here is Charlotte and part of the Traveling Together SS class so we have heard your wonderful story and how wonderful you guys are. I also greeted with Frank's Mom the past 2 years. She is wonderful as well. Anyways, I would love to talk to you about going organic/natural and get some f/up advice on the products you have switched to, etc. I have a 5 month old boy and a 4 year old girl. I would love to start with the kids first in going organic and would love to get some advice. I know you are super busy but if you get an opportunity I would love your advice. My email is lkchambliss@carolina.rr.com. Thank you so much and your family and ministry are just beautiful!
Lindsey Chambliss

Granola said...

You do an amazing job getting pictures taken of your little ladybug. I love how you always have something special in her hair or a little hat. So sweet!
XOXO from MN!