Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 15 Months


~15 months~

~June 15-July 14, 2010~


…how much fun you were while we were at the beach!  You crossed the 14 month mark while we were there!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures and memories from our week…

You LOVED your little baby pool, and I LOVED your BIG smiles and gorgeous eyes!!!IMG_0996


Riding on the golf cart was a favorite of yours, you and Daddy took quite a few rides!IMG_1028

Speaking of Daddy, you simply ADORE him {the feeling is mutual} IMG_1081

Daddy gave you your first popsicle…IMG_0582you weren’t too fond of it! IMG_0583

You had tons of simple fun in the beach house while others were at the beach ;-) IMG_1297

You did make it to the beach once and were pretty cute while there!IMG_1747

You made your pulling up debut on the very last day at the beach! IMG_1842

You were a dream child while at the beach, all the way until the last night when I snapped this awesome shot of adorable YOU!IMG_1911

{Back at home} I LOVE…

seeing you pull up and cruise aroundIMG_2637

seeing how much you enjoy your brothers’ roomIMG_2704

Your sprouty piggy tails…IMG_2596

Your sweet blue eyes…   IMG_2095

The way you giggle and smile…IMG_2096

How much you love your yummy green smoothies!IMG_2237

Seeing you stand up and cruise around… IMG_2383

Having your face to peek back at while in the car… IMG_2397

Seeing you use a spoon for the first time… IMG_2408

Your cheesy faces…IMG_2589

Pictures of you and me…IMG_2777 IMG_2773

Your funny hair after taking a day of piggy tails out…IMG_3263 IMG_3269

Seeing Daddy do the towel sling-swing with you for the first time… IMG_3284

Your sense of humor… IMG_3285IMG_2860

Your sprouty side-ponytail… IMG_3412

How much you love MY birthday cake ;-)… IMG_2873

Seeing you take your first hand-holding steps… IMG_2879

Hearing you say “WOW”… IMG_3238

How proud you are when you do something cool {like stacking rings}IMG_3240

The way you love to just play on the living room floor with Daddy when he comes home from work…IMG_3111

The way you destroy our schoolroom… IMG_3151

How sweet you are when you are sleepy and relax watching Elmo or Praise Baby {and of course that adorable thumb and the way you pet your nose when you are super tired}… IMG_2454

How much you adore our dishwasher magnets… IMG_2665

Your love for books… IMG_2736

Seeing you with your Baba when he visited.. IMG_2817

Ladybug, as always-YOU ROCK!  We simply adore you and are so very thankful to call you our daughter!!!!!


Michelle said...

So many adorable pictures!! I love the crazy hair one the best. I can't believe how big she is getting :0)

Amanda said...

She is so cute! I love the ponytails too! Would you share the recipe for the smoothies?

Valerie said...

Oh my goodness, the popsicle face is to die for! We have tickle tiger book too :)


Natural Homeschool Mama said...

Too adorable!!! I can't remember if I already left a comment on this post but she is precious. I am going to have to get myself one of those nice cameras to capture our moments :-)

You have a beautiful family.

I left you a blog award at my site -

Alisa said...

Ladybug is adorable. (I found this blog when reading your hs blog where I'm loving your ideas for family Bible times and Raising Rock Stars!) I also am the mom of 2 boys and a girl, who is very close in age to Ladybug. (Cora was born in April of 09) It's fun to see the similarities and differences. Especially the crazy pigtail hair, which we are very familiar with. I will look forward to reading more about her in the future.

Nadia said...

ladybug is so gorgeous! I'd love to know what green smoothie you make her? My daughter is about the same age and I'd love to make her a green smoothie :)

Carisa said...

Nadia- Here's my basic green smoothie outline ;-)

Plain Yogurt {we use organic cream on top Stonyfield}
Coconut Milk {organic from the can}
Kale or Spinach
avocado-if I have one soft enough
1/4 scoop of Vega {powder, I get mine on Amazon}
1 sweet wheat capsule emptied in {I get my Sweet Wheat online from Lucky Vitamin}
frozen berries {mostly blueberries}

I think that's about it. I change it up as far as amounts and such. Sometimes I use the juicer and mix in juice {carrot, cucumber, celery, kale, etc.} Sometimes I just stuff kale or spinach in with the rest in the blender. Depends on my mood! ;-)