Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 36/37 Weeks

IMG_8490IMG_8443~36-37 weeks~


  • both of your Christmas outfits! Your casual one (left) for celebrating with Mommy’s parents and your dressy one (right) for Christmas Eve…


  • seeing you in the kiddo Christmas picture!


  • how much you truly enjoyed your gifts and how sweet (and good) you were while we all opened together!

IMG_8052IMG_8217 IMG_4984IMG_8395

  • how interested you were in Santa when he visited Nanee and Baba’s house!


  • seeing you in the mix with the girl cousins!


  • being able to give Nanee (my mom) a photo of her girls for Christmas!


  • the way you cackled and giggled with Aunt Tracey (Daddy’s sister)…


  • how much you adore your new Tea Pot and try to lick the tea when we “pour” it for you…


  • your adorable thumb (yes still cute).


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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 35 weeks

~35 weeks~ IMG_7308bw


  • seeing you in the midst of the chaos that is our home. I love our family and love that you are a part of it! You can sit up on your own now, we just stay close since you do fall every now and then.


  • your cheesy grins and giggles.  I love how you stick your little chin out when you get really happy.


  • your spikes.  The hair on the top of your head continues to grow and grow and I love it more and more every day, the higher it gets!


  • how precious you are.  Your personality is so sweet and loving.  You just make everyone around you so very happy.


  • having pictures with you!!!  Kiki took this one of us the other day when we were taking Christmas card photos and I just love it!  I pray to be blessed with many years of Mommy-Daughter photos!  Oh, and I just love your Christmas dress too!

IMG_7254 copy

  • seeing you grow and develop every day.  You are 8 months old now and are starting to make different sounds, we think you are close to saying Da Da!  You love your feet, which daddy calls “feetie-wheaties” to you and just cracks you up.  You have trouble pooping, which just breaks our hearts, but we are thankful for your good attitude through it all.  We know you are in pain and you handle it like a trooper-just like when you were in the NICU as a newborn and rarely cried. You are such a joy Ladybug, thanks for being YOU!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 34 weeks

~34 weeks~


  • your new little bottom tooth, right next to the other one you have…although it still isn’t all the way in yet!


  • how cute you are almost sitting up! You’ve really gotten much stronger in just this past week and you are almost there! We hope you can sit up on your own to open your Christmas gifts in a few weeks!


  • how you love to hold a spoon while we feed you. I give you another spoon to hold and you love it!


  • your adorable “good things come in small packages” outfit. I remember getting this on clearance at Target last year for $2.50 when you were still in my belly!


  • your precious new winter coat! You also sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time this night, although we don’t have a picture of it!


  • how cute you are exploring our Tot School tools when you sit in the schoolroom with us!


  • how you love to play with your toys and bang on the baskets when you are in your highchair.


  • how well you play by yourself.


  • how Pac Man said you looked like you just had a head, when you were sitting in your seat. I had no idea what he meant, but then looked again and realized he was saying your outfit matched (and blended with) your seat!


  • your spiky hair!!!!


  • everything about you. Your chunky thighs, your big ol belly, your soft hair, your chubby cheeks, your big smile, your enormous eyes, your long eyelashes, your sweet nature, your belly laughs, the way you twirl your feet and hands, how much you love your brothers, how you light up when you see Bower (our dog), your cute hair clippies, your awesome stylin’ clothes, how friendly you are with everyone, oh the list could go on and on. It is so hard to even make a list, I never know where to stop, I am so in LOVE with you!!! You are just perfect and we all love you to pieces.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love Costco.

Jack and Lily shoes are at Costco for $15.00!  I couldn’t believe it!  We swung by Costco to look at something else last night and I found the cutest black shoes for Ladybug to match her Christmas outfit!image

These shoes retail for $30, I love them and love even more that I got them half price at Costco!!  They only had a few styles for sale, but thankfully one was the exact shoe I was shopping for!


I also got these Contigo water bottles at Costco last night for about $18 {for the 3 pack} and I LOVE them, even better than my other favorite water bottle!AutoSeal_water24_pinkIt’s a set of 3 and they really do NOT leak! YAY!!!  I have a thing for water bottles…once I find something I like better, I just pass the old ones along to someone else!

I was so excited about these 2 great finds, i just had to share in case anyone else has a thing for shoes and water bottles…and Costco!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hazelaid Giveaway

IMG_4226 copy

Head on over to my other blog to enter to win! Ladybug is wearing her awesome Hazelwood/Amber necklace…isn’t it cute?

{I have one too, so does DH and I ordered the boys each one for Christmas!}

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 33 weeks

~33 weeks~

I Love…

  • how cute you are now that you really play with your toys. You still can’t sit up…but you happily reach from your Bumbo to get what you want. We are working hard on the sitting thing, but you just can’t seem to master it…you will though!


  • your sweet chubby cheeks (both sets-but I won’t show the other set on the blog!!)


  • how precious you were all day on Thanksgiving when we had an open house for our friends. You were simply adorable in your new dress!


  • your little sweet potato face…

IMG_6415 copy

  • the way you hold your hand when you suck your thumb…


  • how cute it is when you kick your brother and he thinks it is hilarious! He also loves when you grab his hair (although I am sure that will change soon as you begin to pull harder!)


  • seeing you play with your little friend S, she is only 6 weeks older than you and is almost walking! We couldn’t believe how different two girls could be!


  • how much you love our many friends, especially JE-who just happens to live next door!


  • any and every photo of us together! I am only in 1 photo from Thanksgiving and it is with you!


  • seeing you play with the pilgrim and all of the other Little People…you really explore every little thing now!


  • the silly faces you made when you ate different foods this week. You gagged with peas ~ you almost threw up! You made the most sour face when given apples and apricots! You love your prune juice/cereal mix (you are VERY constipated like your brother was…so we get prunes into you however we can). You also love many other foods but are really funny with the ones you don’t like!

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