Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 44/45 Weeks


~44/45 weeks~


  • the way you curl your tongue, all-the-time!

IMG_0688 copylefb

  • your crooked mouth look…

IMG_0814 copy

  • how funny you were with your no-smile face while I tried to take your 10 month portraits.


  • …you just wanted to chew on the bear…


  • …and when I took the bear away, this is what I got.


  • that your brothers wanted to have their picture taken with their sissy.


  • how cute you are playing in your saucer…


  • how you giggle when we help you “walk”…


  • how much you LOVE to read, both by yourself and with others…


  • that you finally seem to realize that you can move. You don’t move yet, but you are at least aware now! {we secretly love that you are a late crawler, life is much easier!"}


  • how much Pac loves to play with you…


  • your first piggy tails!!!!!!!!!


  • Daddy dancing you to “Pharoah, Pharoah” during our weekly family Bible time…


  • that you finally drank a significant amount of water from your sippy cup…months after introducing it to you! You finally get it!
  • the way you have begun to copy our actions. You still won’t clap yet, but you are just starting to wave and you will bang, bang if we do it first!
  • how much you are loving real food. If it is from Mom or Dad’s fork, you want it.

Love you sweet girl!!! IMG_1335 copyfb

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 43 Weeks


~43 weeks~


  • how cute you are in the middle of all of the action! Won’t be long and you’ll be running around with them!

IMG_0328 - Copy

  • how well you play by yourself.  You will sit with a few toys and entertain yourself for long periods (unless you are having a fussy-teething-moment).

IMG_0345 copy

  • seeing you go at your food sucker thingy.  You love bananas, and pears…avocado-not so much!


  • your long-only-in-the-middle-on-top hair.


  • the way you roll your tongue.  It really amazes me, I can’t even come close to doing what you do!  You also make the most awesome noise with it…I have never heard another baby do it!


  • the way you roll with intention now…I put you in the middle of your room, and you end up over by your toy shelves in no time!


  • making you giggle.  I love that I can almost always get you to laugh and smile, I just love being your mommy.


  • your stick-up ponytail!  I just love how it sticks straight up to a little point!


  • nursing you.  I just LOVE that you still like it and have not weaned yourself like your brothers did.  I love snuggling you and will miss it when it is done (or no longer snuggly and sweet).
  • your hands.  You always put your chubby little hands up to your face when you nurse and it is my favorite thing.  I just stare at the little rolls on your sweet hands and fall more and more in love (as if that’s even possible).
  • your teeth…well the ones already in your mouth.  Can’t really say we love those on their way-they have made you a bit of a grump this past week.  One day you didn’t take any naps and cried most of the day…way out of the ordinary for you.  We felt so bad for you.
  • the way you look for Daddy if you hear him from another room.  You turn around and go nuts until you can see him…then you just light up and melt his heart! 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 42 weeks

~42 weeks~


  • your first ponytail!!!  The bows were one thing and oh how I loved the first day I got a bow clippy in your hair, but a ponytail…so exciting too!  I know I need to mess with your hair now so you won’t grow up fussing over it, so I am getting ya young!IMG_0254
  • how much you love “real food”  I made muffins for you and you gobbled them up!IMG_0251
  • having you participate in our family Bible time.  Even if you do just yell and carry on {a tad bit distracting if I must be honest}, we love having you with us!IMG_0199
  • having you it with us in the school room and have some Tiny Tot School time!  Pac Man loves to “teach “ you things and play with you!   IMG_9917
  • watching Daddy make you giggle!  You just light up when you see Daddy and it makes me LIGHT UP!
  • what a big girl you are!  You recently had your 9 month appointment and you weighed in almost exactly what Krash was…a nice even 50th percentile score ;-).  You weighed 19 lbs 8 oz.  Unlike Pac Man who was 24 lbs!
  • so much more!  Your chunky things, the way you hold your hand on your face when you nurse(still), the fact that you are still happily nursing (your brothers had begun to wean themselves by now), your sweet spiky hair, your big ol’ belly, hearing you say Da Da, how much you love your won voice and have begun to YELL a LOT!

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