Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 1 Year!!!!!

IMG_5579 copy

~1 Year~ 

We spent your birthday week away on a cruise!  I don’t know many 1 year olds who can say they celebrated their first birthday that way!  It was a joy to celebrate with you and to have you with us on the trip, you were a dream baby!  I loved so many special moments with you!

IMG_5429 copy2


  • what a sweet and well behaved traveler you were.  You sat in your own seat in a seatbelt ;-) and just smiled and laughed the entire plane ride.  You were amazing! {and I just adore your little stick-up pony tail too}

IMG_5079 copy

  • all of your fancy dresses you got to wear on the cruise, you were so cute all dressed up!

IMG_6109 copyIMG_5118 copy

  • your sweet INKY ;-) and how cute you were with it the night Nanee bought it for you

IMG_6136 copy

  • playing with you in the cabin.  You stayed with me and Daddy and we loved our *only child* moments with you!

IMG_6144 copyIMG_5784 copyIMG_5249 copyIMG_6157 copy

  • your adorable teeth.  You have about all the rest coming in right now and while we were on the cruise.  They did make you a tad grumpy at times but overall you are handling it beautifully.

IMG_6048 copy

  • how cute you were with the waiters.  Our head waiter, Hakan, just loved you and always came to play with you!  You drew loads of attention wherever we went, strangers even stopped to take pictures of you-it was crazy!

IMG_6065 copy

  • the 3 generations of ladies!  I simply LOVE that you look a lot like Nanee!

IMG_6094 copy

  • how you try to stand up now…but just barely!

IMG_6117 copy

  • seeing you with your Nanee and Baba.  Those moments are priceless to me, I miss having you around them regularly so trips like these are simply beautiful and I love the time you spend getting to know them!
IMG_5315 copyIMG_2635 copy
  • how cute you were in your swimming suits {especially this one} and how good you were in the pool!

IMG_5185 copy

  • how cute you were always putting your feet up in the stroller…

IMG_5405 copy

  • your cute little self in the Ergo.  I love wearing you and seeing Daddy wear you!

IMG_5226 copy

  • how much you LOVED bread on the trip.  I let you have way too much, just so we could eat dinner in peace each night!

IMG_5366 copy

  • seeing you learn to play with my iPod.  You are so cute with the little baby games!

IMG_2660 copy

  • seeing you get to spend TONS of time with your Daddy!

IMG_6235 copy

  • your little pool/umbrella set-up at the beach!  You stayed like this for about an hour!

836_1266 copy

  • how generous you were, letting your brothers open all of your bday gifts for you!

IMG_5688 copy

  • how precious you were for the 15 minutes you slept like this on the flight home!

IMG_6280 copy

  • having YOU in our family!!!  You complete us and we couldn’t love you more!!!!

IMG_5737 copy

You are simply an angel and I honestly cannot believe a year has gone by. It has been the fastest year of my life, probably because it’s been one of the best.  I have enjoyed this past year and look forward to the year ahead! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What I Love About You ~ 50/51 weeks


~50/51 weeks~


  • your big huge smiles, and your gorgeous eyes.

IMG_3510 copy

  • having you with us to dye eggs this year, even if you weren’t very impressed with it all.


  • the way your brother LOVES you and is always excited to teach you new things and love on you. 

IMG_5881IMG_5893 copy

  • how much you enjoyed the easter grass…

IMG_3450 copy

  • how much you did NOT enjoy this food ;-)


  • how cute you are in your swing…


  • how cute you are in my swing…


  • that you are finally attempting to hold your own cup-even if just for a second.


    • how you sit and wait for someone to serve you mostly, we call it being your “cup-bearer”


    • how cute you are finally up on all 4s, making small crawling moves!


    • your cute spring-y self outside!

    IMG_4467 copy 2IMG_4476 copy

    • a picture of you and me…I always love those!
    IMG_4131 copy
    • Daddy helping you find Easter eggs…

    IMG_4273 copy

    • your thumb, yup, still cute.

    IMG_4319 copy

    Ladybug, I can’t believe you are almost one!   This has been the most amazing year because YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!  Thanks for being YOU!

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