Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the Mail!!!

12 new bumGenius diapers are headed our way!!! I can't believe I am actually excited!!! I have put her in the one we have twice now and used cloth wipes and my home made wipe spray and love it all! When I put the paper diapers on her (we use Seventh Generation) I just cringe now at how rough they are. I actually prefer the Huggies-at least they are softer. I am just so glad her little hiney won't be in paper much longer!

I searched and searched for where to order our diapers and supplies and finally decided on Squishy Tushy. I read that it was run by a mom, who now I know is Teresa. I made a mistake on my order and almost immediately Teresa personally replied to me and was happy to help me fix it and get me what I had intended to order. I was dealing with a real person-and a was wonderful! Big companies would never have done that!!!

I also ordered a Fuzzi Bunz Hanging Diaper Pail, and Wipe Cubes (to make our own solution). I figured these cubes were worth a try, I will let ya know what I think compared to the solution I made myself, which I made using our Baby Organics products from Nature's Paradise (see link upper left sidebar). I mixed a bit of her soap, a bit of her oil, and water together.

And, if YOU decide to use Squisy Tushy along with me (and order at least $75 worth), we both get $5, or $10 if your order is over $250! Here's the info on her rewards program. Just tell Teresa my name (Carisa from Lil' Ladybug is fine) and she will credit us both!

My order should be here next week sometime, it was shipped yesterday! Stay tuned for many more cute baby hiney photos!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

It still works!!!!

Yup, I actually confirmed it! Our treadmill still works!!!!

I moved sweet ladybug to her own bed last night, in her own beautiful room...

wow, is she really that old already (we moved all 3 kids between 4-6 weeks)? I wasn't really ready this time but my husband reminded me that it was *time.* ;)

After taking the Pack n Play down, there was suddenly room for the treadmill to be used...guess that was my SIGN.

I took the sign and jumped on yesterday...figured I better get started if I want this weight to go anywhere. It's not just falling off ya know?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am SO thrilled!!!!! Shoprite carries their own brand of organic coffee creamer!!!!If you have read this blog for awhile, you know that I was trying to find an alternative to my regular coffee creamer. I need my coffee creamer, I am not giving it up, but the ingredients in the other one were so gross. I knew I needed to get an organic one so I could guarantee there were no GM ingredients, and I wanted one without hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. I found it!!!!!!

So, finally, I have let go of my white sugar and switched to Agave Nectar, and now I have this creamer...I am set in the coffee department!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I Love About You...6 weeks

I Love...

  • the new clothes you are able to wear now! I can't believe we already have stack of clothes that are too small for you now!
  • the cute smiles I get a few times a day now!!!!
  • cuddling you close on my chest after feeding you, I LOVE that you will snuggle with me like that ~ your brothers never would!
  • the many adorable ways you sleep...

Monday, May 25, 2009

She's in...

OK, I must admit, I was sold the second I closed the diaper up and took one look at how incredibly sweet she looked with that little poofy pink hiney!!!! All other logic flew right out of my brain and I just snuggled her up with that soft little butt. Then I ran to show my husband how cute it was and even he agreed it was pretty adorable!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh my,

...what am I getting myself into? This is awaiting my trial... I ordered a cloth diaper, I cannot believe it! AND I have a stack of cloth wipes and homemade wipe solution there too--what is up with me? I really meant it when I said we weren't the cloth diapering type!

After reading Laura's post on Totally Tots, I became convinced enough to at least research a bit more than I had. In just a small amount of time I figured out how much money we can save doing it this way...not to mention how much better it is for Ladybug. I also did not realize how much easier it is than I thought, especially with this All in One ONE size fits all diaper! Ladybug and Krash can actually share diapers (but K better be out soon!!!) I am not entirely convinced we will do this (I have only purchased 1!), but I am going to try!

I can't test run it yet, because our new washer and dryer are being delivered on Monday-our old ones finally died-both of them within days of each other!!! So, on Monday, after I catch up the regular laundry, and prep wash the diaper, I will try!!! Stay tuned to read all about my cloth diapering adventure!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I Love About You...5 weeks

I Love...

  • your sweet baby face. You look more like a baby and not a newborn!
  • the way your hair sticks up like a little mowhawk sometimes.
  • the tiny cooos you have made...just a few, but they are starting to be heard!
  • the way you like to lay on the bed and look around so peacefully.
  • the way you sleep for 5 hours at night now!!!!!
  • the little bows in your hair...
  • the way you like to be all wrapped up in your blankee with it all up by your face...
  • the way your brother *pets you*
  • that you are absolutely the most perfect baby. You could teach lessons to all other babies on how to be just perfect...we are so blessed!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How would I live without it?

She's in!!!!!! I am so thrilled that I was able to get Ladybug in my ERGO Baby Carrier! It is not made for newborns (unless you have the newborn insert), but at 1 month old I decided to try and see if I could get her all bundled up in there and it worked!

I LOVE this carrier!!!! I got it when Krash was about 6 months old and he can still ride in it today! Now I get to enjoy it for many years with Ladybug too. It is the most comfortable, versatile and wonderful carrier. I also own a BabyBjörn and a Hotsling. The Hotsling is great too, but not as comfy for me. I do not really like my Bjorn anymore after switching to the Ergo. If you are not familiar with the Ergo, I highly recommend going to their website (link above) and reading about the many wonderful features.

Any readers want to share about your favorite baby slings or carriers?

Friday, May 15, 2009

On the right track...

I gained over 50 pounds during my pregnancy with Ladybug (the exact same with my boys also). I gave birth a little over 4 weeks ago and I have lost about 20 pounds, which means I am still carrying approx. 30 extra pounds. I was really small to begin with, so I don't have a huge desire to get all of it off, but I would like to get at least 20 more off. Even more than the extra pounds, I want to FEEL my best and I don't right now. I am naturally a very small person so the extra 30 pounds I am carrying doesn't necessarily look horrible, it just feels that way. I am much more concerned with my overall health rather than my actual weight and appearance.

So begins the REAL journey.

First, I must admit my issues, uh-um...addictions I suppose.

I am in love with sugar. I mean LOVE with sugar. I have cut back from what I would LOVE to eat, but I still have a sweet tooth that won't take a break. K's birthday cake sat out on the table all weekend and guess who cut off *just a bite* way too many times? Yup, me.

I used to eat candy, way too much candy. I have cut back a ton, to the point that I rarely eat any. BUT, if it's here-in the house-I can barely resist and often give in. When I eat some, I just want more.

I eat to fill time. I eat when I am bored, I eat, just to eat. I am very thankful I don't gain weight (unless prego) because of this problem I have, but that doesn't mean it's not a problem. Eating the way I want to is not healthy.

I don't like getting food ready. I go for the quick fix, and they aren't always the most nutritionally balanced. My diet is not horrible-at all, but it is not where I desire it to be. I need to give my food choices even more effort and thought each day.

Those are my main issues. Sugar, candy, eating just to eat, and laziness in food preparation.

My strengths, yes I do have some!!! I am good in the liquid department-I only drink water, organic milk, and occasionally purple grape juice. I do not like soda, and can easily stay away from my husband's sweet southern tea. My only pitfall is coffee-2 cups per day-but the coffee isn't the issue-it's the creamer that goes into it! I switched the sugar to Agave Nectar-so at least I am doing better there.

Another strength-fresh stuff. I eat veggies-usually raw spinach, carrots, and celery every day. I usually eat bananas, apples, kiwi, and mangos too. I love plain avocados and will eat 1 per day if we have them.

I'm sure there are a few more, but those are the main ones.

In my quest to evaluate where I am at and get on a better track-not only for weight loss, but also for overall health, I was online today. I came across a GEM of a website that is already helping me tons!!! It's called Nutrition Data-Know What You Eat. Basically you register at the site, and then you can see your recommended intakes (calories, vitamins, etc.) based on your stats. THEN, you can keep track of your food intake and even add foods they don't have in their (very large) data base.

I spent much of the afternoon dragging foods up from the kitchen to input their nutritional info from their labels! It was really easy and once they are in, I don't have to do it again!

I am now keeping a *If you bite it, WRITE it* journal, and also recording my Nutritional Data from the day. Already in just a few days I notice that I am not getting enough Vitamin D-gotta get in the sun!!

I am hoping this will help me not eat too much, stay on track nutritionally and teach me a few things along the way! Obviously I don't want to WRITE that I ate an entire box of cookies, so just the mentality of having to write it down changes it all for me (and most people, I've heard).

I don't plan to be obsessive about writing every day, but I do hope to document at least 1-3 days per week to see where I am and give myself a wake up call. IF I begin to eat bags of cookies, then I will go to writing every day!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading and Learning

I recently ordered 2 new books to help me along my journey of health. I need to thank my online (soon in real life when we meet this summer) friend Jill for really inspiring me in this area. I began reading these books the other day and am learning so much.

First, The Coconut Oil Miracle...

I am not sure if I will truly love the Real Food book as it is VERY obvious that she is not a Christian, which in books like this I normally don't mind, but she has some way off facts about how old certain food are ;). What I do like about this book is that it promotes eating the way our great-great grandparents did. My husband has always said that his grandma, who lived to be over 90, was one of the healthiest women he knew and she cooked the good old fashioned way. I love the book as it teaches about how processed foods have changed our diets and affected many aspects of our health.

As for The Coconut Oil Miracle...LOVE it so far!!! It is very scientific at first and I am learning a ton! It also has recipes in the back and chapters that are very simple to understand. I LOVE coconut so I am really excited about getting it into our diet more and more!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I love about you ~ 4 weeks

I Love...
  • the way you SMILED at me while nursing, THIS MORNING!!!!
  • how much bigger and older you look to all of us, you're growing so fast and are so beautiful.
  • how adorable your new belly button is since your cord fell off a few days ago!
  • how happy you are when you wake up in the morning. Walking over to get you and seeing your big beautiful eyes looking around is just the sweetest sight!
  • that you are sleeping close to 4 hours between feedings at night...YAY!!!!
  • that I had a daughter to celebrate this Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How would I live without it?

Yes - my mom makes them, yes - my ministry profits from the sales :), but even if that weren't true, I would still LOVE these blankees! I seriously don't know how we would survive without our Big Bit blankees! Ladybug currently has 2 of these, (my older sons have them too), and we rotate between them to always have one to use.

I love them not only because they are SUPER SOFT, but also because they are huge...big enough to lay her in, wrap her all up, and still have some to spare!!! They are perfect for a newborn, and as she grows. Here's some shots of Ladybug all sunggly in her blankees...
Soon the Cuddle Bit and/or Tiny Bit will be the blankee of choice I'm sure. Once we're done with the *wrap her up* phase!

Thanks mom for making GREAT blankees and for blessing our family and ministry with your amazing talent!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Where I did my research...

From Skin Deep: Recommended Products from Popular Brands
From SafeMama: 2009 Safer Sunscreen Guide
From NatureMoms Blog: Safe Suncreen for the Family
From Healthy Child: Are Sunscreens Safe?
From Anti-Aging: Just When You Thought Sunscreen was Safe...

Basic Summary:

All suncreens should be free of:
  • parabens
  • phthalates
  • PEG’s
  • propylene glycol
  • SLS
  • dioxanes
  • synthetic fragrances
  • oxybenzone
  • NO sprays (which makes me REALLY sad), as sunscreen shouldn't be inhaled by kiddos at all
What I DO want:
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide

What I am considering right now:

What we used last summer (and many before that), I still have leftovers of each of these:

Update: We also used Aveeno Baby last summer, and it is thought to be safe by the general public (me included until now) I was proven VERY wrong, here is info about Aveeno Baby, it is actually one of the worst, ranking at a 7 on Skin Deep...OUCH!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Love About You...3 weeks

  • the extra rolls you have gained in several look much different to us now!
  • the big wide mouth grins you give when you are just falling asleep
  • the way you love to sleep all bundled up in your big blankee on your Boppy...

  • the MANY noises you make-while sleeping, eating, and while are hilarious!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kiss My Face Skincare

I am gradually switching skin care products over to more natural ones. I am usually a very skimpy skin-care gal...using what was free from CVS mostly. So this was a big leap for me, to actually spend a significant amount of money on little bottles and tubes!

I am thrilled though! Here's what I bought so far and I love it all!

Here's the info about Kiss My Face Potent and Pure from their website, and all products (in this line) were rated 2 or less on Skin Deep.

I ordered most of the products from Amazon, and the BEST part was the face wash (called Start Up) came with a sample of 2 moisturizers AND a $4 off coupon in each box (it was a 3-pack). I used the coupon at Wegmans to buy the Pore Shrink Mask!!! I did have to order the Brightening Day Creme and iconRepair Night Creme iconfrom, I couldn't find them with free shipping on Amazon, or at Wegmans.

Here's all of the items I found on Amazon decently priced....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Water Bottle Update...

Remember that *free* water bottle I told about in my last water post? Well, here it is... Would you believe it arrived at my door only 3 days after I placed the order online (it said 4-6 weeks). So, if you need a new bottle and a new Brita pitcher, get yourself to Target and find a Brita box with a coupon on it!!!