Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feeding the Lil Bug...Her first Food!!!

"She likes it, she likes it!!!"

Yup, I must say I was a bit surprised that Ladybug enjoyed her first food and actually ate most of what I had for her! Neither of my boys were too impressed when they were this age, although they both ate rice cereal (whole grain, organic) as their 1st food. They both made funny faces and spit it all out, but not my lil bug! She gobbled up her avocado and was super cute while doing it!

We all thought it was funny to see her stick her tongue out and down into the food on the spoon...
She wasn't a very efficient eater and is learning what to do with her tongue ;) but that's to be expected! She also thought it would be nice to get a little thumb sucking in while eating, which made for a nice mess!

Overall it was a very pleasant experience, and I look forward to many more food adventures with her!!!

For those wondering, she ate approx a tablespoon of mashed up avocado mixed with a tiny bit of water (I didn't have any breast milk available). I fed her around 11 am and then nursed her afterward for her "real feeding."

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Kellie said...

I am so glad she liked her first food!! Alyssa is not liking food AT ALL!! It is so weird for me. Both of my boys gobbled it up...but not Alyssa...she acts like I am torturing her. We were at my in-laws tonight and we tried it again and she gave everyone a good laugh at the horrible faces she would make!