Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 28 weeks

~28 weeks~

I Love...
  • the way you put your hand over your face while you are nursing. It is the sweetest thing!
  • the way we can easily comfort you most of the time. You have been a bit fussier than usual this past week, but you are still able to be comforted easily. You might be in pain from your teeth, or possibly your belly hurts as you learn how to poop now that you are eating more solid food. We hate to see you uncomfortable-as you are so calm and chill most of the time!
  • seeing you snuggle with Daddy...
  • how wonderful you were at a wedding all day Saturday. You were a champ, and SO easy. I remember taking your brother to a wedding when he was a baby and it was a drastically different experience!
  • your many friends. When I went through the wedding pics, I was not surprised to see photos of you being loved on by 5 different people (all who are so special to our family!)...
  • seeing you sit up like a big girl (sorta). You can sit propped in your Boppy now and it was so cute when K was watching tv with you. You're such a big girl!
  • your cute winter hat! You wore it for the first time this week and we all ooohed and ahhed over your cuteness!

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Erin Emigh Stanford said...

Carisa - She is just so cute! I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of your little girl every week!

I need to get on the ball! I am right now working on Caroline's post from last week and she is due for another one in 2 days. I am SOOOOO behind!!!!!!