Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 25 weeks

~25 weeks~

I Love...
  • how absolutely adorable you look in your new Pop A Tot. It came in the mail today and you love it!!!
  • seeing you sit with Daddy during our family prayer time and our family Bible time. I just love having you as a part of the family!
  • How funny you are with your brothers now. You love to giggle with them and they adore you. Pac Man especially. I think he would spend all day like this if I would let him!
  • seeing you eat like a big girl! You had your first food (avocado) and your 2nd food (HappyBellies cereal), this past week. Pac Man learned how to feed you too!
  • your funny faces. You love your tongue and we love your silliness!
  • seeing you giggle for Daddy when he plays with you!
  • your Jumperoo!!! You love it!!!
You are precious, wonderful, perfect and more!!!!

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Cheryl said...

Your daughter is very cute and I LOVE all the great clothes she has. Where do you get them? Especially what she's wearing in these pics. So different from the usual stuff around. I'm on the lookout for those kinds of outfits (or fabric to make them) for my new baby. Thanks!!