Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fluff Talk ~ Diaper Stores!!!

I have been meaning to jump on board with this but haven't found time yet. When I saw the topic was Favorite Diaper Stores, how could I not? Any regular readers know I love Squishy Tushy, so I gotta share with as many people as I can right? First, let me say I do not know Teresa (the owner), have never met her, and honestly I found her through Google! My love for Squishy Tushy has truly developed from EXCELLENT customer service and prices.

Short and to the point...
  • Free Shipping with all orders $35 and up, and my orders have always arrived perfectly and fast (I have ordered at least 6 times that I can think of).
  • Carries most brands of cloth and MANY accessories
  • Teresa is awesome, quick to reply, and kind.
  • She has a referral program (and is developing a new affiliate program right now). Currently if you order from her for the first time, YOU and the person who referred get $$$. See here for details. If you do decided to order, you can give her my name/blog name ;)
  • Prices are lower or competitive with any other diaper store online I have seen.
There ya go! Want to read more, you can see my detailed review of ST here when I hosted a giveaway for her!

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HappilyDomestic said...

Thanks for joining in! I am so glad you finally did. I have never heard of Squishy Tushy, I will have to check it out. :-)