Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 27 weeks

~27 weeks~

I Love...

  • that I keep finding pictures from your 6 month photo shoot that I love, even when I thought I was "done" editing them ;)
  • how sweet it was when Krash sat down to read you the Bible, and you were way more interested in grinning at Daddy who had just walked into the room!
  • watching Pac Man read to you...
  • seeing you in the middle of 2 big brothers who ADORE you...
  • your cute fall clothes ;)
  • the new little booties Nanee made for you, that match your blankees!!!
  • our PopATot. We were given this cool thing for free (to review) and I am SOOO thankful, this thing is a lifesaver and you love it! Seeing Bower next to you is pretty cute too...you love Bower and he loves you too!
  • seeing you in Baba's arms. He got here yesterday and you have been all smiles and cuddles for him!
  • your first little tooth on the bottom that just began to make it's tiny appearance this past week. You had one rough night but have slept 12-13 hours the past 3 nights...you're a champ! I can't wait to see it poke through!!!
  • feeding you. You are so easy, it blows my mind. You have now added banana and prunes to your diet, loving them both.
  • going through your clothes the other day and making outfits to make it easier to dress you. There are so many options for a girl...I folded up little matching creations and had so much fun! It was also a blessing to put your outgrown clothes into bags for other baby girls we know from church. I can't believe you have already outgrown so much-it goes so fast!
  • seeing you grow and develop. You continue to work on sitting up, you love grabbing at people and toys, and light up for just about anyone who smiles at you!
  • your new Apple Cheeks diaper. Another item sent for review that I am blown away with. Who would have known the diaper I got for FREE would end up being my absolute favorite. You began wearing it this past week and already I want to sell most of our other dipes and get more of these! (moms-there's a full review and giveaway coming within a month)

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Kellie said...

OMG! I will put it in my post this week but Alyssa also has teeth coming in this week! Her bottom front two are coming in. She did better last night but the night before was a rough night...I ended up sleeping with her in the guest bed because she was so fitful all night bless her heart!

I love all of the pics!

Quinne said...

Hi Carisa :) I just love these precious posts. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. Love & hugs, Q

Erin Emigh Stanford said...


Late as usual! ;)