Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lil Stinker


Yup, she had her ultrasound in the morning ~ SCREAMED her way through it, and by the evening had decided she was ready to walk like a champ again.  Lil’ stinker didn’t take a step for over 8 days and we finally get the ball rolling again and she decides to get going again.  We are thrilled either way- even if her timing is NUTS.

The ultrasound was clear, and our pedi. still doesn’t know she is back to walking again.  I will call her on Monday to tell her.  We are fairly certain now that Ladybug just has a mind of her own and is making the choice not to walk sometimes.  Our developmental evaluation will be 1/20 and her next neurologist appt {with our new neuro.} is 1/13.  We won’t be doing anything else until then.

Thanks for your prayers for our little stinker.  If this is any indication to her strong will in the future, we need all the prayers we can get!!!  ha ha!

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