Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hopefully the last update!

I am SO sorry I forgot to update this blog until now!  Several kind readers have emailed me to see how Ladybug is doing and I must say that in this case no news has meant good news!!!!  Ladybug continues to walk and progress greatly!!!IMG_6263

She was given her full developmental evaluation and here are the results…

Her actual age {adjusted for being born 3 weeks early} at the time of the evaluation was 20.5 months. 

  • Cognition ~ 27-30 months
  • Fine Motor ~ 24-27 months
  • Social/Emotional ~ 21-24 months
  • Self Help ~ 21-24 months
  • Language ~ 18-21 months
  • Gross Motor ~ 15-18 months

It was refreshing to see that she is advanced in some areas, right on in a few and just slightly below in gross motor.  She has advanced tremendously even since the evaluation, practically running around now!  She still struggles with balance a LOT, but she is no longer afraid to try.  Her speech still sounds whacko to me, but I now feel this is just “normal” and she will get it.  We will still see the neurologist for the 3 months follow up appointment just to be sure she is on target then.  Other than that-she has been discharged from any therapy and follow up appointments due to her progressing development.

The evaluator came to our house and she was awesome-doing the job I was once trained to do back in college, we really enjoyed talking together!  We talked about what I do with her through Tot School and she agreed with me that it has probably helped her tremendously!  Ladybug had the ladies literally speechless when she stacked 10 blocks {expected is 6 for her age}, put together a complex bug puzzle {one of ours because the one the lady brought was way too easy for her}, and pointed to all 10 of the images on her cards. The evaluator said in all of her years as an evaluator she has never had a child 3 and under point to all 10 {the 2 they usually miss were flag and leaf-which she got}.  She showed L her cards and asked her “show me the___” and L found them all!  I must admit it was really nice to see the evaluator {who I felt was VERY knowledgeable and qualified} go nuts with excitement over L’s abilities!!!  We have been focusing so much on what she couldn’t do, I wasn’t even noticing all of the amazing things she CAN do, and do very well!

Since the evaluation, we have just been practicing her gross motor skills, with things like these and more.

   IMG_6252  IMG_6450

It is so nice having her at home with me so I can give her what she needs each day.  She is already trying to jump, and is just starting to “run” a tiny bit.  She seems to acquire new physical skills daily now!  We are praying her development is on the right track, but if we have a setback, we are ready!!

Thanks for following along with her and praying for her journey, we are in awe of how far God ahs brought her since we first began.  Even the neurologist said she couldn’t believe how far she had excelled based on her initial evaluation.

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