Thursday, May 7, 2009

How would I live without it?

Yes - my mom makes them, yes - my ministry profits from the sales :), but even if that weren't true, I would still LOVE these blankees! I seriously don't know how we would survive without our Big Bit blankees! Ladybug currently has 2 of these, (my older sons have them too), and we rotate between them to always have one to use.

I love them not only because they are SUPER SOFT, but also because they are huge...big enough to lay her in, wrap her all up, and still have some to spare!!! They are perfect for a newborn, and as she grows. Here's some shots of Ladybug all sunggly in her blankees...
Soon the Cuddle Bit and/or Tiny Bit will be the blankee of choice I'm sure. Once we're done with the *wrap her up* phase!

Thanks mom for making GREAT blankees and for blessing our family and ministry with your amazing talent!!!

1 comment:

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

those do look so soft!

I want one adult sized :)