Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading and Learning

I recently ordered 2 new books to help me along my journey of health. I need to thank my online (soon in real life when we meet this summer) friend Jill for really inspiring me in this area. I began reading these books the other day and am learning so much.

First, The Coconut Oil Miracle...

I am not sure if I will truly love the Real Food book as it is VERY obvious that she is not a Christian, which in books like this I normally don't mind, but she has some way off facts about how old certain food are ;). What I do like about this book is that it promotes eating the way our great-great grandparents did. My husband has always said that his grandma, who lived to be over 90, was one of the healthiest women he knew and she cooked the good old fashioned way. I love the book as it teaches about how processed foods have changed our diets and affected many aspects of our health.

As for The Coconut Oil Miracle...LOVE it so far!!! It is very scientific at first and I am learning a ton! It also has recipes in the back and chapters that are very simple to understand. I LOVE coconut so I am really excited about getting it into our diet more and more!

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octaviaorca said...

i was thinking about your healthy food hunt and just wanted to recommend a book... super baby food by ruth yaron. it says it's for babies but this book has taught me a lot about nutrition all the way around. whenever i have a question about feeding my toddler or even about feeding me i can usually find the answer buried in this book. now i'm not saying that perhaps the editor wasn't as organized as he/she could have been on this book so it gets a little garbled at times and has odd bits of info that aren't necessary to the book but the over all info is brilliant.