Friday, May 15, 2009

On the right track...

I gained over 50 pounds during my pregnancy with Ladybug (the exact same with my boys also). I gave birth a little over 4 weeks ago and I have lost about 20 pounds, which means I am still carrying approx. 30 extra pounds. I was really small to begin with, so I don't have a huge desire to get all of it off, but I would like to get at least 20 more off. Even more than the extra pounds, I want to FEEL my best and I don't right now. I am naturally a very small person so the extra 30 pounds I am carrying doesn't necessarily look horrible, it just feels that way. I am much more concerned with my overall health rather than my actual weight and appearance.

So begins the REAL journey.

First, I must admit my issues, uh-um...addictions I suppose.

I am in love with sugar. I mean LOVE with sugar. I have cut back from what I would LOVE to eat, but I still have a sweet tooth that won't take a break. K's birthday cake sat out on the table all weekend and guess who cut off *just a bite* way too many times? Yup, me.

I used to eat candy, way too much candy. I have cut back a ton, to the point that I rarely eat any. BUT, if it's here-in the house-I can barely resist and often give in. When I eat some, I just want more.

I eat to fill time. I eat when I am bored, I eat, just to eat. I am very thankful I don't gain weight (unless prego) because of this problem I have, but that doesn't mean it's not a problem. Eating the way I want to is not healthy.

I don't like getting food ready. I go for the quick fix, and they aren't always the most nutritionally balanced. My diet is not horrible-at all, but it is not where I desire it to be. I need to give my food choices even more effort and thought each day.

Those are my main issues. Sugar, candy, eating just to eat, and laziness in food preparation.

My strengths, yes I do have some!!! I am good in the liquid department-I only drink water, organic milk, and occasionally purple grape juice. I do not like soda, and can easily stay away from my husband's sweet southern tea. My only pitfall is coffee-2 cups per day-but the coffee isn't the issue-it's the creamer that goes into it! I switched the sugar to Agave Nectar-so at least I am doing better there.

Another strength-fresh stuff. I eat veggies-usually raw spinach, carrots, and celery every day. I usually eat bananas, apples, kiwi, and mangos too. I love plain avocados and will eat 1 per day if we have them.

I'm sure there are a few more, but those are the main ones.

In my quest to evaluate where I am at and get on a better track-not only for weight loss, but also for overall health, I was online today. I came across a GEM of a website that is already helping me tons!!! It's called Nutrition Data-Know What You Eat. Basically you register at the site, and then you can see your recommended intakes (calories, vitamins, etc.) based on your stats. THEN, you can keep track of your food intake and even add foods they don't have in their (very large) data base.

I spent much of the afternoon dragging foods up from the kitchen to input their nutritional info from their labels! It was really easy and once they are in, I don't have to do it again!

I am now keeping a *If you bite it, WRITE it* journal, and also recording my Nutritional Data from the day. Already in just a few days I notice that I am not getting enough Vitamin D-gotta get in the sun!!

I am hoping this will help me not eat too much, stay on track nutritionally and teach me a few things along the way! Obviously I don't want to WRITE that I ate an entire box of cookies, so just the mentality of having to write it down changes it all for me (and most people, I've heard).

I don't plan to be obsessive about writing every day, but I do hope to document at least 1-3 days per week to see where I am and give myself a wake up call. IF I begin to eat bags of cookies, then I will go to writing every day!!!


Laura said...

It sounds like you're definitely on the right track. I am sure that in a few more months you'll be back to your comfortable weight. I agree, it really does make a difference how you feel about yourself in general.

Regarding your plans. I am a big sugar lover as well. I am Swiss and LOVE swiss chocolate, or any good chocolate for that matter :) I find it difficult to deprive myself of chocolate, so it's easier for me to have a couple of small pieces every day. It's just enough to fix my craving and not make me feel like I deprive myself ;) If you like dark chocolate, I highly recommend 70% dark chocolate. It has less sugar and many antioxidants, so it's actually healthy for you (in moderation of course). Also, because the flavor is more intense, I feel that it satisfies my craving more and I need less of it. Regarding coffee, I am the same way and need my two cups everyday. I don't know if you like milk in your coffee, but I make myself my own lattes and love them. I like them really milky. It tastes great and you get the nutritional benefits from milk as well. Also, if you use 1 or 2% milk, I find that you don't need to sweeten your coffee anymore. The fat and lactose in the milk is enough to give it a really nice flavor. What I did, I just slowly cut back on the sugar I used in my coffee, until I didn't need it anymore. I convinced my husband to do the same and it worked for him as well :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to all your addicitons. I also do have strengths but it does seem those addictions over ride those. :)