Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kiss My Face Skincare

I am gradually switching skin care products over to more natural ones. I am usually a very skimpy skin-care gal...using what was free from CVS mostly. So this was a big leap for me, to actually spend a significant amount of money on little bottles and tubes!

I am thrilled though! Here's what I bought so far and I love it all!

Here's the info about Kiss My Face Potent and Pure from their website, and all products (in this line) were rated 2 or less on Skin Deep.

I ordered most of the products from Amazon, and the BEST part was the face wash (called Start Up) came with a sample of 2 moisturizers AND a $4 off coupon in each box (it was a 3-pack). I used the coupon at Wegmans to buy the Pore Shrink Mask!!! I did have to order the Brightening Day Creme and iconRepair Night Creme iconfrom, I couldn't find them with free shipping on Amazon, or at Wegmans.

Here's all of the items I found on Amazon decently priced....

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