Friday, September 18, 2009

How Could I Live Without It ~ My New Stroller!

We got a new stroller and I LOVE it! It's the: Combi Cosmo EX stroller!
iconI am not a huge fan of strollers, and I hate shopping for them and of course forking over the money for a nicer one. We have the wonderful Graco infant seat/stroller combo and love it. Someone gave it to us as a VERY surprise gift for Ladybug. I knew it would be perfect for the early months and great for long day trips, but not for the everyday stroller needs as it is huge and heavy.

My kind Mom took me stroller shopping awhile ago and let me get exactly the one I wanted (within reason) for Ladybug and this ended up being the one! At first I overlooked it because it seems to be very cheaply made, but oh it is not!

After taking down, folding up, and putting back up MANY other strollers, I was drawn back to this one. I examined it thoroughly and then put Ladybug in it. She was asleep in minutes ;). A very good sign! Needless to say, we left Babies R Us with this great stroller an have now had it for a few months. It has been tested well.

We love this stroller, it is a perfect lite weight stroller and it hold up to 50 lbs! Even Krash can ride in it if he needs to. The bag underneath is small but has an elastic part at the front so I can actually load it up pretty well!

My mom made a nice sun shade for the front out of a piece of coordinating fabric (the red and white striped part ) we found, and it works great.

I also love that the sun shade on the stroller has a nice window to see her through from the top. I love so many things about this stroller, and she's quite happy in it too!

Do you have a post about your favorite (or least favorite) stroller on your blog? I'd love for you to link it up in the comments...or leave a quick comment sharing one you love.

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GranolaMom4God said...

I wrote about my double stroller once!

But I don't think that I have a picture of it.

Our stroller is a 2 seater jogger by Dreamer Design that is red. ( that was a gift. However, they don't make them anymore.

To do it all over again, I would have bought the bike trailer from Target we just go this month and used that as my double stroller.

But most of the time, I use an umbrella or our original Graco that the travel car seat fit in.

That said, typically I put Mr. Smiley in my sling.

How is that for a short, umm . . .long answer!


Erika said...

Since I'm currently living in Holland and I don't have a car, my double stroller gets TONS of use. It is my main mode of transport. Here's a link to the one I bought just before moving here:

It's the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. I paid a little more to get the ultralight because I knew I'd be lugging it around quite a bit. The stroller isn't perfect, but I have yet to find a perfect one. It's the best double stroller I've used. My 2 and 4 yr olds love it. It even has a big enough basket to carry back our groceries.

I love that this stroller is so compact. It fits easily through doors and is not much larger than a single stroller...honestly! I get compliments on it all the time.

I would highly recommend getting the parent organizer with it. I also bought two saddlebags from Carry You. Those add so much extra storage space and are 100% worth the $10 each. Here's the link to them:

Okay, enough of me! I should've just done my own blog entry. :)