Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ladybug Loot

SO, I must be honest. I really, I mean REALLY want to win this one...but I share all of the good things I find, so I am sharing this one too (and yes it gets me a few extra entries to share) ;)

Head on over to my blogging bud, Sarah Mae's blog to read about Smart Mom Jewelry for teething babies!!!! You can try to win along with me!!!!

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Heather Brandt said...

My toddler still loves my Baby "Bling necklace so I highly recommend them! It was a point of bonding/closeness between me and our son whom we adopted from Russia last year. He seems to have remembered it from trip one when we returned on trip two. He clung to it and slept in my arms on our first visit (we had about 5 months between trips. The necklace was evident in photos in a photo book we sent between trips, too).