Saturday, September 19, 2009

Point Proven.

I began juicing a couple of months ago and have juiced almost everyday since, with a few exceptions. I did not take my juicer to the beach and was sans juice for 9 days there. Then when we got home from vacation I did not make my initial trip to Whole Foods/Trader Joe's and took my husband up on his offer to swing by Shoprite quickly to get some basics. Shoprite just does not have the organic produce that WF has and the quality stinks at SR. Even the prices are higher there on some things, believe it or not!

So, we went without juice again. We had some organic celery, apples, and carrots so I made a tiny amount of juice for me and the boys until that ran out, but we weren't having our loaded up concoctions each day.

Not only did we go without our juicing, we went without our huge stock of produce that we consume now daily. I had taken for granted how much fresh we were eating. I knew we changed, I just didn't realize how much we had changed in just a couple of months. Both my husband and I were complaining in misery by Thursday, and couldn't wait till it was Whole Foods today (which was today).

What point did I prove?

That I feel so much better when I am eating fresh foods. I have survived on my old diet at the beach and last week for the most part. I ate cereals, didn't eat as often (I am one who will just not eat if we don't have something healthy), ate some extra sweets because we didn't have much fruit. I didn't eat horribly by any means-still eating whole grains, limiting sugar, and eating some fruits and veggies. But it was a change.

I felt sluggish all week. Coffee did not help, I just couldn't seem to gather my mental competence each day to feel focused and alert. I even woke up this morning feeling the same. But I still drug myself to Whole Foods.

Thank goodness I did. I came home and made a huge batch of fresh veggie juice, mixed it into a very healthy smoothie mix (green powder, flax oil, and more) for me and the boys. Then I ate a huge spinach salad for lunch with raw nuts and seeds on top. Then I made this wonderful recipe for my afternoon snack and for the family to munch on later on.

I feel amazing! I don't know if it's all in my head or actually related to what is currently swirling around in my body. Honestly I don't care...I feel better when I eat this way. My entire family feels better. Point proven.


MAMA BEAR said...


dido on the juicing and fresh food eating. my brain and body have been sluggish lately because i've been neglecting to eat right. well, right for me.

Jackie said...

I am sooo intrigued by your juicing. I'm just not sure I would do it.... but your feeling sluggish without juicing and the brain fog sugar induces, sure does describe me. Do you have any good websites to suggest for juicing beginners?

Carisa said...

Jackie, I learned almost everything from Jill's book, Breaking Free-Truths for Healthy Living. Her blog is great too. I link to it in my other juicing posts. And there's a button on my right sidebar.

My best advice, read a few things about juicing, and then just START!!!

I am NOT a kitchen person, so my husband laughed when I paid $150 for a new juicier. I have proven him wrong though and now we are all benefiting ;).

;) Carisa