Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Love About You ~ 21 weeks

~21 weeks~

I Love...
  • your sweet, smiley, easy going nature. It is a real treat while on vacation at the beach this week. Vacations with your brothers at this age just weren't as are amazing!
  • seeing you all decked out in your beach gear. You were SO adorable and even stuck your feet in the chilly water! Since that first day however, we have kept you inside and comfy!!
  • seeing your brothers get so excited to show you their new cars they made at Ridemakerz. They were pushing the lights and noise and your eyes were SO big watching all of their action!!!
  • your little feet up on the bar of your stroller...
  • how much you love your Itty Bitty Ball that Nanee made for you. We hang it from your stroller and/or car seat and you are always grabbing at the tags...
  • seeing your Daddy "toot" you ;) He squeezes your legs up to help you get your gas out and you just cackle in delight!
  • the tons of extra time you're getting with your Daddy this week at the beach. Your brothers are staying in a different condo with Nanee and Baba so the 3 of us are enjoying some quieter times, which means more snugglin from Daddy for you!
  • how cute you looked getting your very first sink (Bumbo) bath..
  • your sweet little dolly that Nanee made with the ribbon hair!!!
  • seeing you smile for your Nanee and Baba! Not living close to them is hard and it is a joy to see them love on you tons!
Ladybug you continue to amaze us daily with your sweet self! You are a giggling delight to us all.

~I have begun to see more "What I Love About You" posts floating around on some of your blogs and I LOVE them!!! I started doing this weekly so I would be able to copy it into her baby book and always remember sweet little things about her. It makes me remember to record those moments I sometimes would otherwise forget. If you are writing What I Love About You posts for your child (any age), and would like to link up, I would love to see what you love! Seeing a Mommy share her love for her child is so special.

I will add a MckLinky each time I post (which is usually on Tuesday's but sometimes I am late, like today). You are also free to use the header button if you'd like! Just be sure to link to your exact post, and not the homepage of your blog. If you'd like to link back to Lil Ladybug, that'd be awesome too! For the title of your link for MckLinky, if you could put the name and the age of your child like this... (Ladybug ~ 21 weeks) that would be cool.


Amanda said...

She is so adorable! I love all of the toys Nanee has made for her. She is so blessed to have a wonderful family to belong to!

Anonymous said...

That doll blanket is sooooooooo cute!

And of course, so is Ladybug. Goodness... makes me miss my babies!

{lauren} said...

She has the sweetest little smile:) I hope you all are having a great time on vacation...based on Ridemakerz (at Broadway??), I think I may know where you are! If so, I'm totally jealous:) Enjoy yourselves!!