Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diapers & Wipes

I must begin by saying that cloth diapers are not for me. Not to mention my husband who would refuse! So, knowing that, I researched the safest, most economical option for our daughter.

With both boys I used mostly Huggies, Costco store brand, and the Especially for Babies (Babies R Us). I used fragrance free wipes, enjoying Huggies brand the most! Krash actually still wears size 5 Huggies :( and we still use the Huggies, or Costco wipes on him.

Back to Ladybug...I have a stock of diapers already for her, Huggies Natural Care, and Pampers Newborn Swaddlers. I am going to use these, as I can't afford not to, however I have decided to change over to Seventh Generation Diapers and Wipes for her.

Here's why...
SafBaby Diapers & Wipes Review
SafeMama Wipes Review
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes on Skin Deep (Here's our Huggies)

For me the wipes (due to the chemicals found in them) were a bigger concern than the diapers, but when I realized that I could get the safer diapers for only cents more than the Huggies we are using, I ordered them. Amazon is unbeatable for these products. I ordered the bulk set of both, and put them on their Subscribe and Save Program. They also had an Amazon coupon available, so I save tons, here is a copy of my saving on the wipes:

Item Subtotal: $43.99

Shipping and handling: $10.89

Shipping Discount: $-10.89

Subscription Discount: $-6.60

Promotion Applied: $-4.40

Total: $32.99

Plus they are delivered right to my door!!!! The diapers had the same discounts applied too!

edited to add 7/'s a new article about another brand of safer baby wipes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your new blog. This is great. I'm not sure how many diapers/wipes you get from ordering from Amazon, but I've been using and there's no s&h (if you order $49+) and no tax...and credit when you refer others and they use it. Depending on where you live, the delivery is super quick. We can get it overnight because it's actually only hours away from where we are. I'll have to check out Amazon too.

Laura said...

I tried the seventh generation diapers on our son, but we had problems with leaking :( You may have less of an issue with a girl though. We ended up switching to bumgenius 3 all in one cloth diapers. I thought I could never do cloth diapers, but they are so easy! They look like regular diapers and are super easy to use. We didn't use it with newborn breastmilk poop, but started when he was about 3 months old. Up to that point we did seventh generation and a natural brand from target. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that although it sounds really intimidating, cloth diapers aren't as bad as they seem :) They've come a long way. Seventh generation or another natural brand is a great other option though if they work out for you guys. My girlfriend switched to them for her 2 year old and loves them! With our new baby, I will definitely try them again for the first few months until we go to the cloth diapers.

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

great blog great information!!!

we cloth diapered it was the best thing i ever did! its not for everyone though!!!

Michelle said...

We love cloth diapers too. We also use cloth wipes and mama pads. :-)

I second the all in ones - so much easier! Once you get a system down, you will not know the difference (ok, maybe a little) but eco friendly flushable liners can make a messy job cleaner.

They are especially great for potty training, because they can feel the wetness. For little ones, I use a fleece liner so they can't feel the wetness.

You are right though that they are not for everyone - or for every season . . . there are times when I need sposies just for my sanity!

Mrs. Taffy said...

I'm an "a-la-natural" momma, from diapers to pads, but I wanted to make an easy suggestion for wet wipes. Before I used cloth wipes I always made them! I would cut a roll of paper towels in half with my electric knife. Then I found a rubbermaid container that was the right size to hold them. In the bottom of the container I would put about a cup of water and a few drops of Melaleuca oil and then set the towel in there. The towels would soak up the water and then you just pull the paper towels out of the center, like those clorox wipes. Nice thing about them was that I could use any kind of paper towels I wanted and I never ever worried about chemicals! Now I just have a spray bottle filled with water, and a few drops of Mela oil and grapefruit seed extract and I spray the wipes when I need them!
It's great that you are doing all this research and looking in to all these things!
Well Done!

Val said...

I just wanted to tell you about another diaper that is also green. It isn't as well known as 7th generation, but is wonderful and doesn't have SAP (the gel stuff in diapers). They are called tushies.
I know you said you didn't want to do cloth, but I wondered had you heard of gdiapers. They are really great too.
I am really enjoying reading your posts. It is nice that others think about the impact of diapers.