Monday, April 20, 2009

How would I live without it?

My list for these posts is already so long and my baby isn't even a week old yet!!! I am just so excited about some of the new things I have found for this baby!! With my boys, I never had a lullaby cd I really liked, but now it is different! I randomly ordered this cd before she came but I never opened it.

I knew I would probably like it, I had now idea how much I would LOVE IT!!! Sing Over Me is a beautiful collection of quiet worship songs and lullabies, sung by well known Christian female artists. Many are songs I know and love (How Great is Our God, Jesus Loves Me), some I haven't heard before and now love. It is just such a soothing cd, for both me and the baby.

All of the songs are great, but there is one that is really special, "Hold Onto Jesus" (which I have heard before but LOVE this version)

...You're a little piece of heaven, you're a golden ray of light.
And I wish that I could protect you from the worries of this life.
But if there's one thing I could tell you, it's no matter what you do,
Hold to Jesus, He's holding onto you...

I highly recommend this cd for any new Mom, baby, for any gift! it is absolutely beautiful!!!!


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

my favorite lullaby cd i used for both girls is Kenny Loggins Return to Pooh Corner

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD too! We play it almost every day here. I put it on when the children just need to relax during story time or after!

Hugs and love! Glad you found it!

Please email me your address - I have some gifts I want to send precious Ladybug :)


Blessedw5mom said...

Ohhh Me too!!!! I came across this CD in Feb. Our little one was not sleeping due to some medical issues and out of desperation I stopped at our christian bookstore one day and bought 4 lullaby cds. Two of them are still unopened ... we play Sing Over Me all the time!

Dawn said...

My 16 month old listens to a classical CD designed for babies while he cancel out household noises. It's also wonderful to bring along for a 'little piece of home' when he has to nap somewhere else.

I've been wondering what CD to buy for our new little one (this August), and I think you just made my decision much easier!


MAMA BEAR said...

I bought this CD after reading your post. I'm really enjoying it and so does everyone else in my little family.
Thanks for posting about it.