Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How would I live without it?

I created a nursing basket when I had my 2nd baby (Krash) and with Ladybug I have updated to a new basket which I LOVE!!!! These are technically diaper baskets, but I use it as a nursing basket...keeping all of my regularly used supplies at hand for me while I am nursing her. I never know how long she will nurse so I try to have what I might need in the basket near me so I don't need to get up.

First, the basket itself is the: SaraBear Diaper Caddy (I got mine at Target)

What's in it?
  • Avent Breast Pads
  • All of my medications (and her vitamin drops)
  • Telephone and tv remote
  • Chapstick
  • Pacifier
  • Baby nail clippers (easy to do while she nurses)
  • Itzbeen Timer
  • Burp Cloth (made by my mom of course)
  • Baby Organics Lotion (for her and me-I LOVE it...see link on sidebar)
  • Baby Organics diaper cream
  • Diapers, wipes
  • My journal (where I record her feedings and such), pen
  • Changing pad (also made by my mom)

This basket is much bigger than the one I used before, but I love it. Once I start being more active, it is something I can easily send Pac Man to get for me if I am nursing in a room other than where I keep it (currently my bedroom).


Laura said...

This is perfect. Exactly what I will need this time around as well. I think I will add a bottle of water to mine. I always get really thirsty when nursing. A healthy snack might be good too. Maybe some nuts or something like that :)

Carisa said...

Laura--- ha ha, my water bottle is SO big, it won't fit in the basket!!!! And I usually do have snacks, I must have eaten them all before I snapped the photo!!! I get so thirsty and hungry while nursing too.
:) Carisa

Christy said...

Great idea. I don't know if you want recommendations for baby things but my favorite things have always been Quick Zip sheets by Clouds and Stars (so amazing; they really make life with a baby easier) and Hanna Andersson baby socks (they actually stay on!).

Chic Mama said...

I love your basket- I may have to get one of those! I was planning on doing something similar for this babe on the way, but that basket looks like it keeps everything nice and organized! Lovely job!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

I have made these up for mamas in my care before! I love the basket, so pretty!