Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sack or Swaddle?

When we had Krash 3 years ago, we had to swaddle him for many months. He wasn't a horribly difficult baby, but he definitely did better when we did certain things, certain ways-like swaddling. We used swaddlers and regular blankets to swaddle, like the one below (that's Krash when he was 1 month old)...

In prep for Ladybug, I ordered a Miracle Blanket off of Ebay, so we would be prepared! Krash used to break out of his swaddles with his crazy arms, and I heard the Miracle Blanket was perfect for solving this problem with it's genius arm flaps! Well, I LOVE the Miracle Blanket, but as with all's NOT about ME!

Ladybug is 2 weeks old now, and we swaddled her until a few nights ago. She was sleeping restlessly and seemed to have tummy pains. We guessed it was because she was bound tightly and possibly she was one of the few newborns who preferred to sleep with legs bent and arms out. We were right! We put her in her sleep sack instead of the swaddle and she went from sleeping 2-2 1/2 hours to 3-3 1/2 hours during the night! She also seemed to have much less pain, she slept more peacefully.

We got her wonderful sleep sack from TJ Maxx- but you can find them all over the place. I love that this one is lightweight cotton on the outside and a thin Minky (really soft) on the inside. Perfect and snugly but not too heavy and hot.


Chawksgirl4ever said...

yeah my little guy 4-13-09 does not want anything to do with swaddling. his aems and legs have to be free

babygirl said...

my daughter was the same way, i could swadlle her like my son liked.
she would cry and fuss and wake up alot more with the swaddler or blanket. i took it as she just felt confined and didnt like that she could move lol.
ever since she is 2 now but doesnt like to cover up she always throwing the blankets off of her. so i tried making sure her pajamas were warm enough you know with the winter nights but latley shes trying something new. she wants to sleep in just her pull up she will go to bed with pajamas and wake up in her pull up. i dont know thats my lil princess i guess lol

Nikki said...

We LOVED the sleep sacks too!! Our litte guy never really seemed to like to be bundled either :-)

chubbycheeks said...

I just have to say you daughter is gorgeous ;) I can't wait for my next the baby stage goes by way too fast.

Jacci said...

Oh, I love pictures of sleeping babies with their little arms out! When we had our daughter, everyone told me how important swaddling was, so I was armed and ready with blankets made just for swaddling too! Yeah. She was a not a fan of it! On to sleep sacks! Same with my son who is now 8 months. I think he tolerated swaddling for 2 days. At least I got to use the blankets! It's funny how all babies are so different.